Factors Affecting Toronto Custom Drapery Prices in Toronto

Dec 9

Do you want to give your house an elegant and modern look? Selecting the right custom draperies is a big step in that direction.

Custom draperies complement and accentuate any decor style while improving the overall look of your home. But selecting custom drapery for your Toronto home is not just about matching their colour with the furniture and walls. It also includes choosing the right material, generating the perfect style, and, most importantly, choosing the right service provider.

But how much do custom drapes in Toronto cost? In this post, we outline seven important factors that may directly affect their price.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Custom Drapery in Toronto?

There are several benefits to choosing custom draperies over readymade ones. By comparison, custom drapes fit your windows perfectly without compromising on style or durability. These and other benefits make custom draperies the costlier option. But consider the following factors in order to buy them within your budget. Let’s get started.

Drape Material

The price of custom drapes depends on their purpose, their material, and its quality. Is it just for appearance or are you looking for certain benefits? Once you know your purpose, it is easier to select the right material.

For example, regular curtains are made from light materials like cotton, silk, and polyester whereas drapes are often made using velvet and other heavy materials. And, while the selection of material will change the look and feel of your room, it will also impact the cost.

Style and Quality 

The overall cost of your custom draperies will depend on the kind of window treatment you desire. If you want intricate designs or any artistic work, then your costs will increase. Do you want simple curtains or pleated ones? Do you want plain curtains or those made from environmentally-friendly materials? Are you looking for manual ones or those that use advanced technology? The latter options are the costlier ones.

Extra Accessories 

Draperies and curtains require hardware. Mounting tools such as rods, rings, and clips are necessary to hang these drapes. You also need to select the rod based on the length, style, and material you choose. For lighter materials like plastic or cotton, lighter and less expensive materials are needed. But heavy materials like velvet require metallic rods which are more expensive than lighter-weight ones.

Functionality of Drapes

If you wish maximum privacy as well as light control, your custom draperies will need extra fabric. More fabric will also be used if you want the drapes to look fuller even if they are closed. Motorized drapes will also cost more than manual ones. Even if you use the manual option but just wish the drapes to flow perfectly when opened and closed, you will need to use traverse rods which are costlier than plain ones.

Length of the Drapes

Obviously, tall windows require long curtains or drapes which also require more fabric. They also need adjustment and tweaking to fit perfectly. Moreover, installing drapes at a greater height risks greater chance of injury. All these factors increase your custom drapery costs.

Installation of Custom Drapery

Custom drapery needs to be installed professionally. You can hang your drapes at any height you desire inside or outside of the window casing based on the look you want. The cost of installation rises, however, with the complexity of its installation. For example, installing custom drapery on oddly/oversized windows costs more than putting up readymade drapes on regulation-sized windows.

In the case of simple installation, you may be able to save by doing it on your own. But it is always recommended to hire a professional.

Cost for Initial Consultation

If you are buying standard draperies, you choose them, check the material and size, and purchase them. But, for custom-made draperies, first a professional will visit your house to learn your requirements. They inspect your windows and the room, then design draperies that will complement the room’s other elements to deliver the best result. Their visit adds to your overall cost unless this consultation is free.

Custom drapery in Toronto is costly but worth investing in. It provides an elegance that is not possible with standard drapery. It also fits perfectly, is more functional, and complements your room better than readymade draperies will. Custom drapery also provides better control over light and privacy, and is more durable. To learn more about how to get custom draperies on your budget, consult our experts. They will be happy to help.