What to Look For When Choosing Roman Shades in Toronto

Mar 2

Roman shades are a functional and stylish addition to your home. When closed, they can block light completely to let you enjoy your privacy. They also offer unique shade to rooms that are exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Compared to other shades, this style opens differently: while other window coverings fold at the top when opened, roman shades stack up uniformly. Therefore, they appear smooth as well as sleek instead of having a bumpy look like other shade styles.

As there are many styles of roman shades, it can be hard to select the best one for your Toronto-area home. Lerner Interiors is Toronto’s leading window treatment company. We offer a wide array of custom roman shades as well as other fairly-priced window coverings, such as blinds and shutters. We pride ourselves on providing top quality products, innovation, and client satisfaction.

In this post, we discuss the main factors to consider when selecting roman shades.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Roman Shades in Toronto

These coverings come in diverse colours, styles, and fabrics. They also have different mounting options. Knowing these key factors will allow you to find the right roman shades within your budget.

Determine the Purpose

Like other window coverings like blinds, shutters, and draperies, these shades also serve various purposes, based on the type you choose.

Room-Darkening Roman Shades: Not surprisingly, these shades reduce the total amount of natural light entering a room. They are usually made from thicker fabrics and contain extra fabric lining.

Standard White Light-Coloured Roman Shades: These offer optimum privacy and allow a lot of sunlight into your space.

Blackout Roman Shades: These coverings have a thick lining that blocks sunlight completely from streaming into your room.

Choose the Right Fabric

No matter whether you are choosing roman shades for small, medium, or large windows, you need to carefully consider the fabric. In fact, both light and heavy fabrics are used for these shades. But rough fabrics may not be a great option because they do not fold up neatly.

Opt for the Appropriate Fold Style

Here are different fold styles of roman shades to choose from:

  • Plain Fold or Knife Pleat 

These have horizontal seams that can go across the roman shades. While the seams are not considered the best for patterned fabrics, they usually help make solid fabrics look beautiful. The folds also remain in place even when the shades are lifted and so adjustment is not required.

  • Flat Folds 

These don’t have seams. Therefore, patterns on their fabric are never interrupted. They are considered best for shallow or tiny windows. When these shades are lifted, their folds have to be adjusted slightly.

  • Soft or Hobbled Folds 

These have rolls of premium fabric that pour down the shade in order to increase their depth. This also gives your shades a more attractive look when lowered. But they appear heavier from the side and are not a good option for shallow windows.

  • Front Slat Folds 

These have horizontal tucks on the front portion that look like slats. In fact, these tucks add dimension to roman shades, especially those with solid colours. If the shades are lifted, these slats may fold over each other.

  • Relaxed Folds or European Folds

Compared to other roman shades, these relaxed fold shades have a unique curved bottom. In fact, they are perfect for windows where the coverings need to be kept partially lifted. But if the shades are lowered, they may make the window base look a little bit sloppy.

Determine the Patterns and Colours 

Roman shades come in a wide range of patterns and colours. Make sure you choose the one that best matches your space. This may include adding other types of window coverings like valances or curtains. Also, consider whether you want these shades to contrast or complement the room’s other window coverings.

Choose the Right Lift Type 

Roman shades have a variety of operation and lift mechanisms.

  • Cord Lock 

This type allows you to lift your roman shades by pulling a cord. After the covering is raised to the desired level, pull the cord to the right to lock it. Pulling the cord to the left releases it and allows the shades to be lowered easily.

This kind of lift mechanism may not be suitable for homes with pets or children because hanging cords can pose a safety risk.

  • Continuous Loop Lift 

This lift type features a circular chain of beads that you pull in one direction to lift up the shades and in the opposite direction to lower it. They are very simple to operate and no hanging cords are used.

  • Manual Cordless Lift

As the name suggests, this lifting system helps you grab the bottom of the shade and then pull it down or push it up. Since there are no loose cords or wires, it is easy to operate. Moreover, it is safe for children and improves the room’s visual appeal.

Motorized roman shades are extremely easy to raise and lower. The coverings are attached to a top-quality motor which can be operated through a smartphone app or remote control.

Choose the Proper Mounting Option 

You need to decide whether you want your shades to be mounted outside or inside. With the inside mounting, the shades may be placed inside the window frame. For the outside one, they are placed outside the frame on the wall. Choose the style that seems most attractive and functional.

These are the key factors to consider when buying roman shades for your Toronto-area home. Choose the style that best caters to your requirements and budget. If you are still struggling to pick out custom roman shades or other window treatments, get in touch with us.