Functional Things to Make Sliding Doors Look Fashionable

Jul 11

Glass doors are an essential part of almost all beautiful and awesome home decors. They are meant to provide you an access to the outside world from the interiors. These doors have slowly come to be an integral part of the design and beauty of any home.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of solutions for homes, it is quite natural to get impulsive to buy something, which scores well in terms of fashion but not of functionality. The challenge in here is to give equal attention to utility.

Tip 1

It is best to get blinds on a sliding glass door. Any sliding glass door that needs to act as an effective shield against privacy can have cellular shades put up on them. Energy-conserving honey-comb design of these shades protects your rooms from heat and cold. For a professional yet cohesive look the same shade can be used on other windows in the same room.

Tip 2

Next in line are sliding solar screens. There is no other competitor up against a clean, sensible modern décor than a sliding solar screen panel. Unbelievably instrumental in blocking both damaging UV rays and glare, these windows can be paired with any clear window film for boosting their protective power even further. They are an intuitive yet elegant layer for any sliding door as they mimic the function and style of the door in total.

Tip 3

If you have plenty of wall space in between the top of the door frame and the ceiling, you can always fill it up with a single wide Roman shade treatment which will fold up above and keep tight when not in use, covering the entire door expanse in one very swift motion when night descends. In case your shade is an outside mounted one, it becomes necessary to keep all shades at a same level.

Tip 4

A simple pair of sheer panels moves with very little effort, filtering light and preserving a favored feature of the sliding door.  With ample alternatives in color and patterns available today, one will have no trouble finding the perfect sheers to match the home décor.

Here are a few more inputs on getting innovative ensemble for your sliding doors:-

  • Use tiebacks to clinch all stationery curtain panels aside, especially at the door-handle side. This supports door functioning too.
  • Mount all top treatments way high above the door frame ensuring the hem doesn’t brush the heads passing through.
  • Hang curtain panels that reach an inch above the floor when opened or closed. This helps keep your floor clean; and the curtains do not touch the floor.

Now that we’ve elaborated few trends and tips, how exactly do you plan dressing up your sliding doors? Do you have a better plan? Share it with us here. Or tell us how these treatments worked with you.