Gear up for Harsh Toronto Winters with Thermal Window Curtains

Dec 17

Winters are here and we are sure every home owner is gearing up for the harsh cold that it brings with it. Winters are all about warmth, coziness, blankets, fires and hot cups of cocoa! But there is another thing that can add warmth to your home – we are talking about thermal curtains. Curtains are one of the best ways to ward off the winter chills as they act as insulators irrespective of their kind.

Window Curtains

Thermal window curtains are a great way to keep your house warm in winters if you are in Toronto. Thermal curtains look like traditional curtains but are constructed differently for more insulation. A thermal material is bonded to the back side of the curtain for added insulation. There could also be more than one layer with two layers tightly stitched around a third inner layer of dark colored fabric to create an added blackout effect. If you do not want to replace your existing curtains, you can also opt to add another rod to install insulated thermal lining behind your curtains that are already there. Here is how you can make the most of thermal window curtains in your home.

  • Keep in mind form as well as function

Like normal window curtains it is important to bear in mind the style quotient as well as the functionalities of thermal curtains. These are available in wide range of colors, fabrics, styles and sizes. You can also choose different kinds of styling like pinch pleats, box pleats, pocket pleats, grommet top or tab top curtains depending upon the existing decor of your room.

  • Add some cheer to beat the winter blues in Toronto

Choose bright cheery colors and prints for thermal curtains to brighten up your interiors on cold winter nights. You can also opt for stylish accessories and hardware to dress up the thermal curtains you have chosen for your home.

  • Allow in sunlight

When you are installing thermal window curtains it is important that you pay attention to the sunlight that is coming into your home because the sun will help create warm interiors during day time. Keep your thermal window shades open during the day so that they do not block the much needed sunlight.

  • Accessorize well

For thermal window curtains you can opt for thermal window valances and blackout ones for personal spaces like the study or bedroom. These add to the insulation helping maintain comfortable temperatures inside during winters.

Apart from the living room you can consider installing thermal window curtains or blackout curtains in your bedroom to block out light creating warmth and comfort that shall enable you to long day time naps in winter! You can get in touch with Lerner Interiors that is the best place to shop for window curtains. Here you can choose from a wide varieties, get expert advice as well as professional installation services for all kinds of window coverings.