A Guide to Window Treatments for Different Rooms

Jun 8

When it comes to window treatments, there are numerous styles that you can choose from such as Roman shades, blinds, shutters, drapery and so on. Whatever the style of your home, there are options available to suit every kind of interior while also serving its own purpose. Installing window treatments is an effortless and fast way to add personality, style and privacy to your home. They are an essential element that can help tie a room together.

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When choosing the right window treatments for your home, you have to consider many aspects and not just settle for something that looks pretty. Not every window treatment is going to work for your home, so it’s important to understand which window treatment will suit your decor best. After all, it’s a choice that you’ll have to live with each day. Below, we will mention some versatile window treatment options which are suitable for different types of rooms and the advantages that come with installing them.

Living Room

The living room is considered to be the heart and soul of a home. It’s a room that we use to relax and maybe read a book or even watch television. It’s an area also used to entertain guests. So, when it comes to window treatments, you must consider its aesthetic appeal along with the functionality it provides. You likely want your window treatments to make a statement, but you should also consider certain factors such as privacy, energy efficiency, light control, durability and UV control. Here are some all-around blinds that can be a perfect match for any kind of living room.

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  • Wood Blinds

All window treatments ranging from blinds to curtains offer light control to a great extent. Curtains provide very basic light control. They either cover your windows or they don’t. Wood blinds, however, are different from curtains and offer more control over how much light is allowed to enter a room. They are also one of the most popular choices for living rooms due to their traditional look, and aesthetic appeal.

  • Solar Shades

Solar shades have the ability to block out harmful UV rays and also reduce glare, all while still allowing you to see what lies beyond them. The secret lies in its openness. It is available in various materials with varying degrees of openness. The more open the shades are, the more light and outside view is allowed. They have the ability to block out about 95% of visible light.

  • Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are a great choice if you want to combine energy efficiency and privacy together. They also have the ability to increase the energy efficiency of your home and help keep it at a comfortable temperature. They have the ability to act as insulation and protect your home from extreme heat and cold with their design. Also, due to their top down/bottom up design, they can also provide exceptional privacy.

Dining Room

As living rooms and kitchens have begun to blend into all-purpose rooms, the dining room is rapidly becoming the formal head of the home. It’s a room where you can gather with family and friends and hence, must look welcoming and composed at the same time. Whether you love hosting formal dinners or prefer having people over for a potluck, there is a window treatment to help control the light while also giving the room a decorative touch. Some window treatment ideas for dining rooms include Roman shades, drapery and shutters.

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  • Roman Shades

Roman shades are available in hundreds of fabric options and have the ability to give off a soft and structural feel to the room. If you have any rugs in your room, you can use it to coordinate your shades so that it has a uniform look about it. However, if you’re looking for a more formal style, you can choose from different fabrics such as damask and silk. A striped pattern or linen will be more suitable for a dining room with a casual setting.

  • Drapery

Draperies are a popular window covering often used in dining rooms as it has the ability to add a touch of softness, colour and provide texture to the dining room. It can range from anything from formal and sophisticated to chic and casual. Although draperies look fabulous by themselves, they can also be layered with fabric shades or wood blinds. It provides endless possibilities to allow you to express your style.

  • Shutters

Shutters are often considered to be an architectural element as they can add value to your home. Apart from added value and functionality, shutters are also amazing insulators. Simply tilting the louvres allows you to control the amount of light entering the room. Also, the timeless and sleek look of shutters can add richness to the room.


A restful timeout and sleep are needed to calm your overstimulated and hyperactive brain. Light in any form can disrupt sleep and prevent you from waking up feeling refreshed and energized. Our bodies naturally crave dark rooms and so, we must do everything we can to protect our sleep from disturbances. Here are some window treatment ideas to help make your bedroom more comfortable.

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  • Roller Shades

Blackout roller shades are considered to be one of the most economical window treatments used to shield the bedroom from the glare of the full moon and irritating streetlights. Rollers are simple and slick and can fit in smoothly into any window frame. There is a possibility that you might get some light slipping into the room around the sides but mounting the shade behind the roller will provide the shade with a tighter fit on the window. For additional coverage, an external mount can also be used.

  • Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are window treatments that replicate the honeycomb pattern which bees make. It is a popular style as they can be scooped up and down the window and has the ability to disappear at the top. However, using a cellular shade with a blackout liner can add a modern and crisp look to your bedroom. It is also great at keeping light out during the day.

  • Drapery

Draperies are a versatile window treatment option and can be utilised in multiple spaces. They have the ability to give the bedroom thorough coverage as they cover the entire space from top to bottom and blocks all light from entering. They often feel like blankets enclosing your room in comfort. You can add a liner to ensure maximum room darkening. If you don’t like the idea of using heavy drapes, you can choose to put sheer shades and adding blackout drapes to keep the room dark. This will allow the room to have soft light during the day and be comfortably dark at night.

Window treatments have the ability to put a room together. These are some basic yet classy window treatments you can install, allowing you to create the aesthetic look you want to give your home. Remember to take your time and also analyze your budget before choosing the window treatments for your interiors.

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