Holiday Window Treatment Decorating Ideas for Your Toronto Home

Dec 11

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you don’t need to limit your festive flair to Christmas lights and a Christmas tree. Let your windows become part of the celebration, too! They can be decorated to spread cheer and create a connection with your community while showcasing your holiday spirit.

Enhance the magic of the most wonderful time of the year with window treatments and delicate wreaths for your Toronto home, along with much more. Check out this curated list of window decorations to infuse your home with festive charm and let the joy of the season radiate throughout your home.

Let’s get started.

Holiday Magic at Your Windows: Window Treatment Ideas for a Festive Toronto Home

Window Treatment Ideas for a Festive

From window treatments to snowflake window displays, turn every window into a paradise this holiday season.

1. Think About Window Treatments

Layering window treatments is a great way to give your home a fresh look without overspending. It also ensures that the temperature indoors remains comfortable.

Use drapes that reflect your personal style to add dimension to your living space. When choosing these window treatments for your Toronto home, you have access to various colour and fabric options from leading window treatment providers like Lerner Interiors. For enhanced privacy and light control, layer cellular shades under the draperies.

The fabric you choose for these luxury window coverings will impact how they look and feel. For winter, it is recommended that you choose heavier, richer fabrics, like velvet in red or green. Along with providing better insulation, it’s a great way to add holiday cheer. When paired with other energy-efficient window coverings, they can ensure your family stays warm throughout the cold months.

2. Invest in Decorative Vertical or Roller Blinds

Depending on the material they are constructed with, vertical and roller blinds can be found both in solid colours and patterns. This lets homeowners get as creative as they wish. For instance, you can use acrylic paints or stencils to create festive patterns such as snowy scenes of snowflakes on the window coverings in your Toronto home.

This may take a lot of time, though. Instead, you can add a blind pull on your vertical or roller blinds with holiday decorations. Get festive by adding something like a glass snowflake, candy cane, or pine cone. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

3. Display Snowflakes

A quick and easy window display is to make homemade snowflakes. All you need are a pair of scissors, paper, and tape. To begin, cut a piece of paper into a square and fold it diagonally in half. Then, fold it the same way again. You will see a triangle shaped form.

Then, fold one third of the triangle shape to the right or left before doing the same with the opposite side. Next, use a pair of scissors to cut the top part of the folded shape and be sure to do it at an angle to create individual points seen on a snowflake.

Lastly, you need to cut small sections into the snowflake, but make sure you don’t cut all the way through to the other side. Also, be careful not to cut it in half.

When you unfold the paper, you will see a beautiful snowflake that you can hang or stick with tape on your windows.

4. Hang Wreaths

Hanging a series of wreaths on your windows is a great way to add some holiday cheer to your windows. You can choose basic green wreaths and hang them along your windows using satin ribbons. Keep in mind that consistency from window to window will go a long way in making a strong statement while ensuring it doesn’t look overwhelming.

To make sure this idea makes sense, be sure to use a ribbon colour that fits your home decor. For instance, ribbons in bright red, cherry or berry colours will make a statement, while a beige-coloured one might bleed in with a neutral decor colour scheme.

5. Try Frosted Glass Decals

Adding decals is a great yet simple way to decorate your windows without creating a mess or dealing with hassle. You can find Christmas-themed decals in your local party supply or craft store. Try to find designs with a sprinkling of falling snowflakes or ones that make it look like frost has gathered in the corners. You can also find ones with cheerful holiday greetings. Note: decals are easy to both apply and remove.


In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to focus only on traditional decorations such as Christmas lights and your Christmas tree. But overlooking your windows could mean you miss out on an opportunity to spread joy to your family and community. So, use these tips to elevate your home’s holiday spirit and add a touch of style and warmth. From layering window coverings to creating a cozy environment to using decorative blinds, there is no shortage of ways to transform your windows for the holidays.