How to Choose Between Plantation and California Shutters in Toronto

Jul 8

Window treatments protect and improve the beauty of your home, both outside and in. So, selecting the right window coverings is vital.

Available for both indoor and outdoor installation, shutters are considered one of the most durable and versatile types of window coverings. But selecting between plantation and California shutters in Toronto may be difficult because they look more or less similar.

In this post, we outline the key differences between them to help you make the most appropriate choice.

How to Choose Between Plantation and California Shutters in Toronto

Below, we explore the major differences between these two shutter types, including their advantages, and the key factors to consider in order to make a better purchase.

Key Differences Between Plantation and California Shutters 

The Width of the Louver : One of the notable differences between plantation and California shutters is the difference between their louver widths. While the louver width of plantation shutters is 2.5 inches, plantation shutters are 3.5.

The slightly narrower louver width of California shutters makes these window coverings easier to mount and are more suitable in a small room. By contrast, the wider louver of plantation shutters is more appropriate for bigger windows.

Their Functionalities: These differences in louver width are a key difference in the ways they are used in your home. California shutters are mostly used in tiny bathroom windows, small window frames, kitchen windows that should be covered, and in houses that are complex in design.

On the other hand, plantation shutters are installed in bigger windows, floor-to-ceiling doors, or windows that should be covered up. They can be used for patio or backyard doors and traditional or semi-traditional home decor that complements wide louvers.

Materials Used: Prior to the advent of composite wood and synthetic materials, custom plantation shutters were made from wood and other materials such as medium density fiber, PVC, basswood, alder and cedarwood. California shutters are mostly made from wood.

Advantages of Installing These Window Shutters

Whether used as exterior shutters or for kitchen windows, California and plantation shutters have similar advantages.

They Are Durable : Both of these window shutters are considered durable options that can last for years if maintained properly.

They Are Easy to Maintain: The wooden louvers of both types are easily cleaned easily by periodic dusting or vacuuming. In this way, they may be kept looking brand new for a long time.

They Are Good Insulators: Both types of shutters reduce heat loss through windows to help maintain a pleasant temperature.

They Have Good Market Value: Because they are durable and easy to maintain, both types of shutters enhance the market value of your property.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Between Plantation and California Shutters

As mentioned, due to similarities in benefits, construction, and appearance, homeowners may find it hard to select between them. Below are vital factors to consider before making your purchase.

Window Size: While plantation shutters have wide louvers and are suitable for large windows, California ones are a great option for any type of window. So, when you want to buy plantation shutters, make sure you first consider window size so the louvers don’t look odd compared to the window itself.

Home Decor: Consider your preferences to choose between plantation and California shutters. This includes the design of both the exterior and interior of your home.

While plantation shutters are suitable for rustic decor, California shutters match almost all decor types, from traditional to contemporary.

Price: The cost of both shutters depends on their materials and the size of the relevant window. For example, in Canada, the price of plantation shutters varies from $20 to $45 per sq. ft.; California shutters range from $30 to $50 per sq. ft.

Both plantation and California shutters are popular options among homeowners, mostly for their durability and attractiveness. Consider their differences, applications, and advantages to select between them. If you are still struggling to choose, consult the experts at Lerner Interiors. As Toronto’s leading window company, we are committed to offering a wide range of shutters, blinds, and other window coverings at competitive rates.