How to Choose Pet-Friendly Window Coverings

Apr 5

Your pets are a part of your family. You play with them, you cuddle them and shower them with love. But there’s downsides. Pet hair ends up all over the blinds and scratch marks or yanked down curtains can become a common sight.

To deal with these unpleasant surprises from your furry friends, you need to find pet-friendly window coverings for your home. Thankfully, there are many options available. You just need to choose the right one for your household.

Here is a list of important considerations for pet owners when choosing the right window treatments.

Go for Cordless Over Hanging Cords

Cords and pets don’t go well together. Pets see hanging cords as toys to be played with. Apart from this, cords may also pose a threat to your pets as they can get tangled in them. The best way to solve this problem is to install cordless curtains. Cordless window treatments eliminate the risk of pets getting tangled up. As a bonus, cordless ones also provide a cleaner appearance to your room.

Avoid Low-Hanging Fabrics

If you have a cat, then you’re aware how much they love climbing. Cats will sink their claws into a surface and claw towards their goal. If you don’t want your drapes to get damaged by your cat’s claws, then avoid having low-hanging fabrics. Replace them with valances or any other window covering that offers privacy while also being out of reach.

Choose Horizontal Blinds

Most pets love spending their time near windows to wait for you, watch passers-by or simply to bask in the sunlight. Thus, if you have blinds on your windows, then they are likely to get caught in it. Ditch the vertical blinds and choose the horizontal ones instead to avoid this problem. That said, make sure that your blinds are durable as pets tend to scratch anything they’re around (particularly cats).

Consider the Fabric

Selecting window covering fabrics like silk or velvet is a big no-no for pet owners. These costly fabrics can’t withstand scratches and pet-hair for long. To hide the pet hair stuck on curtains and drapes, choose a fabric of similar colour and woven material. The colour and texture will effectively hide the appearance of pet hair without costing much. Another way to solve the pet-hair issue is to rely on wood blinds, shutters or roller shades. These options are durable and easy to clean, thus being the perfect pet-friendly window coverings.

The above suggestions will help you choose the most suited window coverings for your house. Simply follow these tips and let your pet enjoy sitting at the window without damaging your curtains and drapes.