How to Choose the Best Colour for Windows Blinds in Toronto

Apr 2

When it comes to buying window blinds, it’s important to choose the right colour. This is not easy. Your best tip is to keep in mind both your preferences and the function you want your blinds to serve.

For example, if maximum privacy and blocking sunlight is what you want then blackout blinds are your only option. Or, if you want your windows to draw lots of attention, you may pick from a variety of bright colours.

Here, we discuss valuable tips for choosing the right colour for the window blinds for your Toronto-area home. As Canada’s leading window treatment store, we offer a huge collection of blinds, shutters, shades, and drapes to perfectly match your decor, budget, and tastes.

Let’s dive right in.

Vital Tips for Choosing the Best Colour for Window Blinds in Toronto: The type of blinds and colour you select can play a vital role in improving your home decor. Consider these important tips to make the right choice.

Go With White Blinds for an Elegant Look: Do you want your space to look bright and airy? White blinds look elegant and sophisticated and make your room appear both cozy and spacious. After all, white blinds match any decor, from marble and carpet to pastel or floral printed walls.

Keep In Mind Your Home Decor: As mentioned, the colour of blinds you choose should perfectly match the room’s decor, not disturb the space’s visual appeal. In other words, the colour of your blinds must complement your walls and furniture.

Also consider the room’s function. For example, warm colours like yellow or brown create an informal look. They are ideal for blinds in the kitchen, media room, or anywhere you want to create a lively vibe.

On the other hand, cool shades such as lavender, lime, or any light shades of blue or green help create a cozy and pleasant ambience. These colours are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Pick Bold Colours for a Modern Look: Want a modern style? Choose blinds in bright shades of blue or red to complement furniture of a similar colour.

Never Use More Than Three Colours: If you prefer minimalism, never choose blinds with more than three colours. This will upset the whole decor.

Choose Colours that Match Your Window Moulding or Trim: Your best tip for choosing the right window blinds colour is to pick one that matches the window trim. (Window trim is the piece of wood or composite that covers the seam where your window meets the wall.)
As this trim is mostly in white, you can choose white blinds. Neutral colours such as beige, grey, and cream are also good options..

Go for Contrasting Colours: Are you thinking of experimenting with colours? Then contrast the colours of your window blinds with those of your decor. For example, you may install royal blue window blinds to contrast with your white walls or floors. Or you may choose pastel blinds to go with radiantly-coloured furniture.

Pick the Colour of Wood: If you have hardwood flooring and want to carry that earthy look to your windows, choose wood blinds. These brown coverings are also a great option for windows with white trim.


Now you have valuable tips for choosing the best colour for the window blinds in your Toronto home. Use white blinds to suit any decor or bold colours for a modern look and feel. If you are unsure what will work best for your home, get in touch with our experts. From choosing the right colour and material to seamless installation, we’ll be with you at every step. Call us today.