How to Choose the Best Living Room Curtains (Detailed Guide)

Aug 11

It may surprise you to learn how vital curtains are for your home’s interior design. Indeed, a space without these particular window treatments does not look complete.

This is especially true in the case of your living room.

In this post, we discuss the vital factors you should consider in order to choose the right living room curtains for your home.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Ways to Choose Curtains for Your Living Room

When buying these window treatments, you must know what their purpose is and why you want them. For example, if your objective is purely decorative, focus on style. But living room curtains also control the room’s privacy and light, and both factors may influence your choice. Below are a few factors to consider when picking out your living room curtains.

For optimal privacy, it is useful to mix blinds or shades with curtains. This combination creates diverse curtain options. Remember, you need to choose the right fabric in order to control light. For instance, sheers will allow in plenty of sunlight while blocking harmful UV rays. Linen, meanwhile, is a medium-weight fabric that filters light, albeit less than sheers. Heavy fabrics can also be paired with a lining to block sunlight completely. And blackout curtains have a unique lining that keeps out sunlight.

Be sure to take into consideration all the windows together. In order to make your living room look cohesive, your living room curtains must be hung from the same height and should be of similar length.

The height of your window may vary. Although all the windows will look similar, this does not mean they are at a similar height. Even an inch of difference can be a big problem. When you measure your windows, assess how far each is from the ceiling. Use the window closest to the ceiling as the measurement for all the heights of the windows to mount the curtain hardware.

To calculate the exact vertical size of each window, measure from the top edge of the window moulding to the sill. For the horizontal measurement, calculate from the outer side of one moulding to the other.

1. What Is the Right Length of Living Room Curtains?  

 Right Length for Your Window Coverings

Short curtains are not attractive. For floor-length living room curtains, determine how you want them to hang. Standard curtain panel lengths are 63”, 84”, 95”, 108” and 120”. Decide how to hang the curtains based on the window’s height and how you wish to mount the rod. Here are a few curtain length options to choose from:

2. Pooling on the Floor

These curtains should hang at a length that is six to twelve inches longer than the measurement to the floor so they puddle.

3. Brushing the Floor

These curtains hang about half an inch above the floor.

4. Breaking the Floor

These curtains hang as if they will hit the floor and bend at the bottom but do not puddle. They are generally one to three inches longer than the floor measurement.

What Is the Right Width of Your Living Room Curtains?  

If you want to pair curtains with blinds or just want curtains for decoration, you don’t need precise calculations. But if you want to cover the entire window, you need to take precise measurements.

For instance, to measure the width, add 12” to each side so they cover the window moulding. Also, the curtain rod should extend four to six inches beyond each of the window frames. Generally, standard window curtains are 48” wide. Some sheer curtains should be double this standard width.

What Are the Best Curtains for Your Living Room?

Your choice of living room curtains will largely depend on your home decor and budget. Because this is the first room your guests see, it makes sense to buy high-quality curtains. Make sure you use long curtains in this space. Choose either pleated, pole pocket or grommet styles based on the room’s decor. Your choice of fabric should be based on the level of privacy and light control you want. Your living room curtains can be neutral, plain, bold or patterned. Decide patterns or colours based on your living room decor.

Consider these factors when picking out living room curtains to enhance the room’s ambience. Whether you have a traditional or modern style living room, the right curtains beautify your space and enhance its functionality. To get the right window coverings for your interiors, contact Lerner Interiors.