How to Cope with Hard-To-Reach Window Treatment Solutions

May 10

A lot of people around the world have expressed anxiety and frustration on the difficulty of reaching windows and getting them closed once sun is out and spring comes in. Many of us feel like leaving under a cave, as they have to pull the shades down in summer and get them back up in winter. There are many more who are tired of just hauling the ladders from one window to another, looking for a solution to this everlasting problem. In fact there are a number of options for different sorts of window treatments for all those hard-to-reach windows when ordering custom window treatments.


Tack 1 – Remote Control Window Treatments

Remotes are usually great for the difficult high areas, where you have to take the risk of falling or breaking your bones to get light in. Remote control window blinds are the most expensive options which come in numerous options. One can either get a wall-mounted switch or a remote control. There can also be a battery pack, which must sit in the head-rail and is usually invisible to an AC/DC adapter plugged in to a wall.

Tack 2 – Cordless Window Treatments

A little more economical than those of the remote window treatments, are the cordless window treatments. These are available in almost all styles like Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Aluminum Blinds, Cellular Shades, Cordless Wood Blinds and Pleated Shades. There are handles on the window treatment down and up through a small hole in which the hook on the pole is attached, thus, making it easier to line up and then pull or push the treatment open.

Tack 3 – Request for Longer Wands or Cords

When ordering window treatments, most manufacturers ask the length of the wands and cords. Just measure how long each one will be to reach comfortably and trim the cord accordingly. There your problem is solved. In case it is cord based and you can’t reach the top to measure, you can cut it down to the size you need.

Consider the budget and function to decide what kind of window coverings work best for you, along with style and color. Most importantly, once and for all, you need a solution that brings an end to the ladder-and-chair episodes.

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