How to Measure Windows for Custom Blinds Installation in Toronto

Sep 12

Are you thinking of installing new blinds? Measuring your windows precisely is vital to figuring out the appropriate size of blinds. This is because odd-fitting blinds can dampen the look and feel of your space.

In this blog, we discuss how to take precise window measurements to mount different types of custom blinds, in your Toronto home.

Steps to Measuring Windows for Installing Custom Blinds in Toronto

Whether you want outside or inside mount blinds, here are the steps you should follow to correctly measure your windows.

What to Do to Measure Windows to Fit Outside Mount Blinds

If you want your window to look bigger and have maximum control over the amount of light coming in, then outside mount blinds are your best bet. This option is best when your window frame doesn’t have the adequate depth for your window coverings.

1. Calculate the Width of the Window 

First, determine how much area of the window you wish to cover up. If you like you can keep the width of the blinds flush to the window’s edge. Otherwise, you may extend them further to make them appear bigger.

Though you may select the window’s width according to your preferences, we recommend including at least 1 to 1.5 inches extra on each side. The additional space will help to block natural light as well as provide optimum privacy.

2. Calculate the Height of the Window 

In addition to width, you need to calculate the height of the window space you want to cover. If your window has a sill then measure to the top of it. Otherwise, calculate from the point where you wish the window treatment to end.

What to Do to Measure Windows for Inside Mount Blinds

Inside mounted blinds are popular because of their visual appeal. Since they are fitted perfectly into the window frame, they provide your room with a clean and elegant look.

1. Measure the Depth of the Window Frame 

Different styles of window blinds have diverse depth requirements, so you need to calculate the window frame’s depth precisely. When taking this measurement, do not ignore defects like bends and cracks. Check to see if the windows are very narrow and if they meet the requirements of the window frame’s depth. Then select outside mounted blinds instead of inside mounted ones.

2. Calculate the Width of the Window

Since inside mounted blinds are fitted in the window frame, measure the inside of the window frame at the bottom, top and middle. In order to get a precise result, calculate these three widths and then round the one which is narrowest to the nearest one-eighth inch. This is regarded as the final width calculation.

Avoid These Common Errors When Measuring Windows for Installing Blinds

If you don’t measure your windows accurately, your blinds will not fit into their brackets properly and may even fall. Here are a few common mistakes you should avoid when measuring windows for custom window blinds installation in Toronto.

1. Measuring the Size of your Chosen Blinds Instead of Your Window’s Opening

You should accurately measure the window’s opening in order to fit these window blinds accurately.

2. Thinking That All Windows Are Equal Sizes 

There is no standard size of the window which is why you need to take measurements of each window.

3. Not Using a Steel Tape for Correct Window Measurement 

Do not use a ruler or cloth tape to measure a window. A steel measuring tape is a must to correctly measure windows.

4. Forgetting to Add Extra Inches to the Width of Outside Mount Blinds 

When you have additional inches, there will be gaps inside the window treatments. This will allow natural light to enter.

5. Not Properly Checking the Measurement of Windows

Always check your window measurements two or three times, and never mix up the width and height.

6. Neglecting to Measure the Window’s Depth

You should measure the window’s depth to determine if the blinds extend from your window or may be mounted properly.

Outside and inside mount blinds enhance your home’s style, block harmful UV rays, and provide optimum privacy. Irrespective of which types of custom blinds you want to mount, precise measurements are necessary. Now you know the essential steps you should follow and the mistakes to avoid. If you don’t have the requisite tools or skills, hire Lerner Interiors. Read our reviews to discover how well we serve our customers.