How to Shop for the Best Blinds?

Dec 28

Finding the right kind of blind for your home in Toronto can be a problem. The job gets far more difficult, if you are not upright sure, what exactly it is that you need. As on today’s date, there are numerous choices for a person to go over their decision-making process. Even so there are a few things that can help a person go over their preferences in order to find the best of deal, as well as look for something that will be both functional and good looking.

Wood Blinds

Variety and choice – these are stuff that no 21st Century human can live without. The choices in reference to window blinds have also proliferated down in no exceptional way. While the manufacturers present this as a blessing, it can always prove to be a tad bewildering for many. So here is how you decide on it.

Let’s start with the basics. According to dictionary a blind is a hard treatment construed from vanes to slats, adjusted by wand, manual pull cord or remote control. Blinds can be adjusted wonderfully and can be stacked and pulled on top of the window leaving a clear external view. So here is an overview of every hurdle that you might face in the path of choosing your blind.

The Metal Blinds

When you are buying metal blinds, there are three important factors that you ought to consider – Size, colour and preferences.

  1. Size

The first decision comes with the width of the slats. To start with there are the metal slats. The blinds can be of three different sizes: – ½ inch, 1 inch and even 2 inch.

  • While the ½ inch takes the crown as the most popular one, the 1 inch is a compromise between the widest and narrowest blinds.
  • The 2 inch stat is usually chosen by the ones who are looking to get old Venetian blinds for their homes.
  1. Colour

The next question that automatically enters your mind is the colour of the window blinds. You may be wondering if you actually want to get a contrast colour blind for your room. Well, if you never plan on changing the colour palette of your room or if you want to make the blinds actually look much more prominent than the blinds then yes, choosing a colour is the thing for you. On the other hand, if you are looking more towards a blind that will never get dated it is best to choose a more classic colour that goes with every kind of decor and never goes out of vogue. In fact it’s best to go neutral. The room palette must never be decided by the colour of the blind. Lerner Interiors has an extensive collection of blinds in variety of colors.

  1. Preferences

The next difficult choice will be in terms of blind raises and lowers. How do you want the blinds to be:-

  • Should they be top-down?
  • Bottom-up?
  • A combination of these two?

Well, to get the answer to these you will have to figure out your privacy and light issues first and make the choice accordingly. You can address your personal preferences.

The Wooden Blinds

Next down the line come the wooden slats. The woven wood slats come in a variety of styles. Popular ones among these are jute, reeds, grasses and bamboo. With woven woods one can actually get a really different texture to the room, giving it a far more relaxed and comfortable modern or country any decor can go with the woven wood style. These wood blinds let light in but are never opaque. To control the light linings can be added, which will be visible from the exterior of the house.

Last but not the least, here is a premonition, some blinds might cost lesser than other blinds. Bear in mind that these are being manufactured in other countries and imported to your doorstep. Also try considering the weight of each. Understand if they will at all be suitable for the windows of your home in Toronto.

The bottom line – purchase the blinds carefully. This is an investment you will look forward to hold out for a few years.