How to Style Custom Draperies in Your Toronto-Area Home

Mar 6

For many Toronto homeowners, styling their custom draperies can be a challenge. However, with some creativity and planning, you can turn your new drapes into a focal point in your home. Indeed, with the right approach, it can be fun and easy.

The key to successfully styling custom draperies lies in determining how you want them to enhance your space. Are you looking to make a bold statement? Do you want to add some softness to your space? Is your primary goal to frame a beautiful view? These bespoke window treatments have immense potential to transform a room completely.

In this post, we will explore insider secrets and advice on artfully arranging custom draperies in your Toronto-area home.

Let’s get started.

Custom Draperies in Toronto: 5 Styling Tips to Showcase Your New Window Treatments

Styling Tips to Showcase New Window Treatments

Follow our custom drapery styling tips, and soon you’ll have windows to envy.

1. Elevate Your Custom Drapes with Accessories

Customizing your drapery is only half the fun. The real excitement comes from styling your new window treatments. Remember, accessories can take your draperies from simple to stunning. An easy way to upgrade basic drapes is to add tiebacks. Whether they are placed high and tight to provide a tailored look or low and loose for breezy elegance, tiebacks help add structural shape to these window coverings.

For added richness, you may choose metallic or velvet beaded ties, depending on the colour and fabric of your custom drapes.

For added drama, add drapery tassels. These swinging accents look sharp either alone or clustered in groups of three or four. You can be even bolder with metallic or ostrich tassels or keep it subtle with bead strands. Consider adding different colours, such as contrasting hues that will pop or tonally matched tassels that blend.

Finally, you can display your dressed-up custom draperies by stacking them artfully and arranging them on your rod. With the right accessories and posing, your window treatments are bound to get the attention they deserve.

2. Go Bold with the Drapery Fabric

One of the key ways to make your custom draperies stand out is by giving them ample breathing room. That means not skimping on fabric. Instead, choose voluminous and lush drapes that make a statement. In terms of the width, choose twice the width of your curtain rod. For instance, for a 36-inch rod, choose panels with a minimum of 72 inches of fabric. This fullness allows for beautiful folding and draping when the drapes are drawn closed.

That said, longer drapes can add a touch of luxury to your space. Think floor-grazing draperies that elegantly puddle on the floor. For added drama, go for extra length so your drapes just slightly “kiss” the floor when open and “sweep” when drawn closed.

With the right fullness and length, your space will be transformed from basic to stylish. Floor-to-ceiling draperies can make your Toronto home’s windows look beautifully dressed. So, don’t be afraid to go bold and generous with your chosen fabric.

3. Set the Mood with the Right Colours

The colour you choose for your custom drapes will make a style statement and set the right mood for your space. The shades you choose should enhance the vibe of the room. So, consider the room’s purpose. Is it a place for lively gatherings or a relaxing retreat? Warm shades such as yellow and red energize, and cool tones such as greens and blues cultivate calm.

However, when considering a flexible room with multiple purposes, search for versatile neutral colours such as grey and ivory. Plus, you can accent the drapery accessories in bolder colours that can easily be swapped out when looking to refresh their appearance. Don’t be afraid to use colours to make a dramatic impact. Toronto designers recommend punchy bright or jewel tones crafted into luxurious drapes to elevate your space while showcasing your unique style.

To create a harmonious and cohesive look, your best bet is to let your room’s desired mood guide you when choosing the best colour palette for your draperies and their accessories.

When you properly style the custom draperies in your Toronto home, you can create a sanctuary where you love spending time. Following the tips mentioned here will add a touch of sophistication and elegance. If you need more ideas or inspiration on how to use custom draperies, speak to H. Sewing Drapery’s window treatment experts. We have a wide range of styles to browse, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you with suitable options.