Improve the Look of Your Windows with Trendy Window Coverings

Feb 11

Window coverings are one of the most prominent elements of your home. They cover the majority of the wall and therefore you cannot make a wrong choice that will spoil the overall appearance. Fabrics, colours and types – everything must be in sync to improve the look of your windows.

Give your home the look you want with stylish window coverings. Is it a rustic look, or a playful one? Stick to your choice. Read on to find a window covering style that can transform your home into the dream space you always wanted.

custom window treatments


Metallics are back in fashion again. The silver, gold and bronze metallic fabrics impart a sparkling sheen that adds to the grandeur of a living room or bedroom. If you like gaudy home decor you’ll definitely love this style.

Jewel tone

If you love royal and classy shades then jewel tone drapes are for you. From ruby red to emerald green, they can adorn your living room with a dazzling aura. The silk fabric makes it look regal and a pleasure to see.

Fun patterns

Checkered pattern gives a fun impression. These patterned curtains can be styled in the playroom or make-shift living space in cases of small houses.

Mismatched fabric

You need to have a creative eye if you decide to opt for mismatched fabric. This is applicable for double height ceilings and large living spaces where there is enough room for window coverings. Select the right abstract hues, patterns and adorn your windows with them.

Matchstick blinds

Your love for beach houses can be expressed by installing matchstick blinds. These window coverings look rustic and give an earthy feeling to the home decor. Moreover, they are made of organic materials and are free from harmful chemicals.

Chevron stripes

Cotton fabric with chevron stripes appears playful and complements dull walls perfectly. Cool, chic and soothing, this style is doing the rounds in the interior industry.

Pastel tone

Sophisticated, calm and a perfect blend of modern style, pastel shades have dominated the industry for ages. Pastel drapes accentuate the appearance of a room.

Ballgown curtains

From fairy tales to Jane Austen novels, ballgown curtains are a nostalgic addition to any home. Overflowing silk drapes and soft blush colours have ruled the imaginations of many homeowners.

Follow the above-mentioned trends and incorporate them into your living room, dining room or bedroom and woo your friends. Pick the style of window coverings that defines you and get started with the refurbishing of your home.