Incorporate these Elements and Add Colour to your Home

Jul 5

Incorporating different colours into a room has the ability to set and impact your mood. Red is powerful, green helps ease stress, blue promotes calmness and yellow brings energy. When a room has a pop of colour, the vibrancy can make you feel livelier. When it comes to the interior design of any home, it’s a particularly significant aspect in spaces that are suitable for a particular purpose. For instance, adding colour can transform a playroom, office, kitchen, living room or the bedroom. Here are some tips on various elements you can incorporate to add colour to your home.


  • Mixing and Matching Textiles

It isn’t necessary for you to stick to a single theme when decorating any space. In reality, mixing and matching different styles can help create texture and generate interest while also helping your room look elegant. Combining different types of textiles can help give your space a casual yet contemporary appearance. Cushions, for example, provide a blend of patterns and colours that works brilliantly in living rooms, making the space look effortlessly cool and cosy.

  • Customizing the Furniture

You can style up boring and old furniture using some simple DIY techniques to transform pieces to look lively and colourful. You could add colourful handles on the doors and drawers, change a tired looking surface with metal or stone glass, or paint various sections of furniture in bold colours. Upholstery can also be used to customize fabric furniture, which can transform the appearance of the room completely.

  • Creating a Gallery

Currently, gallery walls are very in style as it offers the perfect space to showcase your favourite works of art and your family photos. They provide an enormous opportunity to inject some colour into an otherwise dull and lifeless space. Using a variety of funky frames, with patterns and prints that contrast and complement one another, is a great idea that can work really well.

  • Layering the Colours

Similar to combining patterns and textures, fusing various colours together is a brilliant way to brighten up your interiors while also maintaining a stylish edge. Some popular combinations trending right now are splashes of warm mustard and light airy blues used on simple greys and whites. Another trendy style is layering understated pastels with regal jewel tones.

  • Dressing up Your Windows

Installing stylish and bright window treatments is perhaps one of the easiest ways of adding colour to your home. Whether you have an inclination towards curtains or roller blinds, installing window treatments is a simple way to add style and character to any space.

  • Welcoming Nature Indoors

The vibrant blooms and lush greens of nature is another perfect way of incorporating colour into your interiors. You can choose from a huge selection of houseplants including large palms, cactuses and colourful orchids. Having plants indoors also greatly improves the air quality in your home and can make you much more productive and relaxed.

  • Featuring a Focal Point

This is yet another great way of introducing some colour in your home without having to crowd any space. You can choose a bold wall colour or simply opt for a statement wallpaper design and apply it to a single wall. This helps create a vibrant contrast when neutral and simple shades are used in the rest of the room.

There’s a lot that goes into designing a home than simply choosing furniture. It’s every tiny detail and small piece that turns a house into a home, and it cannot be done solely by having a stylish coffee table or a sofa. The ideas presented in this article are proven ways to add colour into your space. By incorporating mixed textiles, customized pieces, gallery walls, window coverings, plants and accent walls, you can definitely help bring your space to life. Lerner Interiors provides clients with exceptional interior design services that can help transform any space. Call today and make your decorating dreams a reality.