Innovative and Eco-Friendly Window Treatments for Your Home

Apr 9

As time passes by, it becomes vital for every individual to do their part in taking care of the environment. With the constant growth of the population, this responsibility becomes more urgent. However, even the tiniest change can make an impact towards improving the environment.

Things like driving electric cars and recycling contribute towards a greener planet, but we can surely do much more. On April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day with different events around the world. We can also do our part and support the environment on a daily basis by installing eco-friendly window treatments in our homes.

These are four eco-friendly window treatments that are also innovative:

  • Bamboo shades

This is perhaps the number-one sustainable choice when it comes to wooden blinds. Bamboo is a great option for eco-friendly window treatments of any kind, including plantation shutters, Roman shades, matchstick, roll-up and slat blinds. Bamboo is considered a sustainable material since it belongs to the reed/grass family. This plant takes three to five years to grow to full maturity without using any harsh fertilizers and chemicals, unlike many traditional softwood and hardwood options used in flooring, furniture and window treatments.

  • Organic fabrics and natural fibres

Bamboo also makes an excellent organic fabric for eco-friendly window treatments. You may also consider organic materials like hemp, soy and cotton to drape your windows. Jute and its by-products, such as burlap, are also a sustainable option. These natural fibres are biodegradable, which means that they decompose in an environmentally friendly way when you dispose of them.

  • Solar shades

Solar shades are also known as blackout shades and are commonly used in college apartments as they’re perfect for people who love sleeping in. They can absorb or reflect up to 95% of the sun’s glare, UV rays and heat. This way, they can help you save money on your cooling bill during the summer as you won’t need to turn on the AC often, and also reduce your eyes strain while watching television or using the computer.

Solar shades can also prevent the fading of your furniture due to the harmful sun rays and provide privacy during the daytime.

  • Up-cycled materials

These are blinds and curtains made from compressed sawdust, scrap wood and polyester fibre composed of spun plastic. You can dress your windows with these materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The recent trend of re-using products is growing steadily and now there is a wide range of choices available for window treatments. This is another fantastic way to contribute to the environment.

It’s pretty easy to find eco-friendly and effective window treatments that are a perfect fit for your home. Conducting a little research into the workmanship and the materials used will help you choose the best option. The right window treatment will use the solar energy efficiently to keep your home warm or cool as it’s needed.