How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Window Treatments?

May 4

When you are choosing brand new window treatments for your home, there is a good chance that you plan on keeping them around for a while. Though most treatments have a lifespan of around ten years, people tend to hang on to them for a much longer time. This may seem like a great idea as there are some situations that call for their timely replacement.

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In this post, we will review some telltale signs that will tell you when it’s time to change the window treatments in your home.

  • Bent or Warped Slats

Homeowners tend to love the look and feel of faux wood and wood blinds as it gives the home a modern look. However, these window treatments have been known to become warped over an extended period of time. This is common due to heat damage caused by the sun. If only a few of the slats are warped, a repair expert will be able to replace them in an efficient manner. But, if more slats need to be replaced, it’s recommended to completely replace the window treatments and install new ones.

  • Out-dated Style

Similar to other elements in your home, window treatment styles keep changing. If you’ve had the same window treatments for years, it may be time to replace them. Aluminium blinds and heavy brocade curtains can quickly make a room feel dated. Discoloured window treatments have the ability to make any room appear unkempt and dirty. Replacing old window treatments with updated styles is an easy way to give a facelift to any room.

  • Compromised safety of your children

Window treatments are a beautiful addition to any home and add an element of style, which can look good for a long time. Most homeowners tend to choose their own window treatments when moving into a new home. Over the years, their old window treatments may pose a hazard for young children. This happens when the window treatments hang down low enough or have exposed cords which can easily be reached by children, posing a strangulation hazard. Therefore, it’s important to choose a modern window treatment that is safe for children to be selected and installed in your home.

  • Struggle while raising the blinds

The lifting mechanism on your window treatments can become damaged, creating a negative impact on its functionality. If you have a difficult time lowering or raising your window treatments and it takes too much effort, it’s probably time for you to upgrade your window treatments.

  • Do not suit your needs

Window treatments serve many purposes in any room that they are installed in and aren’t just there as a design element. Along with regulating the indoor temperature and preventing sunrays from damaging the flooring and furniture, they also promote restful sleep by reducing glare. , If your window treatments are damaged or old, they may fail to perform these necessary daily functions compared to when they were new.

Window treatments can give your home a great make-over and help you feel more secure and comfortable. They also assist you saving money in the long run while helping you stay up-to-date with what’s new. Lerner Interiors offer a wide selection of window treatments that can help you transform any space. Contact them today to learn more and choose the best option for your home.