Latest Trends in Window Shutters

Mar 30

Window shutters have some latest trends each bringing something new for you to admire and be enthusiastic about. Being your trusted guide for window treatments, we feel it is our duty to bring the best of trends right to your home.

Here is a glimpse of the latest in 2016:


Arched Top Shutters

Tall arched living room windows, which have plantation shutters, will need arched top shutters. Shutters come with individual louvers that are 2½ inches wide while shutters also come with louvers that are 4½ inches wide. You will have to decide on your requirements based on the kind of windows in your home.

Painted Shutters

Black or neutral shaded shutters act like a virtual wall in a family room. Shutters painted in neutral colors work best for home interior.

Café Style Shutters

These shutters cover half of the window, offering you enough privacy and yet letting enough light in. These are suitable for kitchens.

Clerestory Shutters

Windows that are located high above the eye level are mostly called clerestory windows. Any shutter placed on these windows as well as their kin helps you achieve a traditional look for your home.

Door Shutters

Shutters are the perfect solution to any door that has a possibility of placing a glass. You need to have glass panels on the door to have door shutters installed.  In a bathroom where the shutter is placed, it can be a signal of whether or not the bathroom is vacant.

Bathroom shutters

These shutters come as more of an architectural element than a functional window treatment. The bathroom can have horizontal lines, created by the individual louvers and are soothing to the eye.

Transom Shutters

Most doors have smaller windows on top called transom windows. Transoms can be very difficult to cover, but can be treated with custom-made shutters that can fit perfectly. All louvers of transom shutters have to be manipulated one by one to adjust to either a closed or open position. Adjusting them to the middle position will help block light and you will never have to adjust them again.

Wall of shutters

No matter how small or large windows are, shutters from ceiling to floor and wall to wall create the look of a slatted wall.

Paneled Shutters

Folding shutters have solid panels in place of standard operable louvers. The panels will fold back by themselves when they are in the open state.

Modern Shutters

Replacing individual lovers with tree branches a modern take can be achieved on a classic platform. Depending on the individual design style, insert other items instead of branches. Colored glass, painted dowels or coordinated fabric can be other great options to a beautiful shutter.

Your little style guide

1.  Shutters must be used on all windows to bring in cohesiveness and enrich traditional feel.
2.  Replace all old hinges and hardware with far more decorative options in the favorite finish to accentuate the uniqueness of the shutter.
3.  Vinyl shutters are best suited for your kitchen and bathrooms as they are easy to clean. They prevent warping due to excess moisture and steam.
4.  The larger the louvers the more light they allow to flow in. When half-opened, they bring some light but still shield unwanted glances. Again, in a closed position they render constant privacy.
5.  Gloss sheen on neutral shades will work best to reflect light and grab attention.
6.  Full height arched top shutters can be mixed with partial-height shutters for a better look.

Never be scared of using various kinds of shutters for different spaces in your home. With these trends in mind, your home is all set to rock.