Let’s Solve your Windows’ Design Dilemma

Sep 3

So many design ideas tend to paralyze your senses, but with window decoration, you have to deal with a wide range of options. Versatility of a window opens up a lot of decoration ideas, but choosing the ideal one often depends on the theme and existing decor of the space. Unfortunately, most of the time homeowners end up choosing an unfitting blind or a curtain. So, we have decided to solve your design dilemmas and give you some quick tips that might help you in your future interior decoration projects.

Think about Functionality

To start off with window decoration, you must think of functionality at the very beginning. A beautiful decoration will simply have no effect unless it is feasible from the utilitarian point of view. So, set aside your style considerations for a moment and that will help you narrow down your choices. While deciding on the right kind of window treatments, decide how much light control you actually need. Depending on that choose the curtains, blinds and shades as each of them serve different purpose in their own way. Now you can also decide whether you are looking for decorative pieces. A beautiful lining though accentuates the charm; you need to see whether it suitably fits with the existing decor of the space. But, you can consider adding a sunshield that helps preventing damaging UV rays and allows fabric fall more luxuriously. However, for maximum durability, light blockage and insulation, it’s better to get an interlining.

Texture of the materials

While choosing the curtains or drapes, it’s important to decide on the texture. A material with wrong texture can spoil all the efforts in no time. And the texture should be according to the mood of the room. For a formal decor, opt for heavy silk or velvet. However, velvet being a great insulator, this is popular among the homeowners. But both of these materials require dry cleaning. If you are looking for washable options, consider investing in silky rayon blends and cotton sateen. For a casual feel, billowy linen and crushed velvet are the ideal choice. You can opt for the wool or wool blends to accentuate the aesthetic lure.

Colors Speak a Thousand Words

Colors do speak a thousand words when it comes to design and decor; which is why you need to be extra cautious at picking up colors. What you need to decide is that whether you need the colors to blend with the decor or to pop. To blend with the decor, chose colors with same tone. For blending, pick curtains that are of same tone as the wall, or you can choose a few shade darker. A subtle non-dominant color will be helpful for a blended finish. However, to make it pop out, choose a bold color. Choose from pink, blue and cheery for more shine.

Consider the prints and patterns

If you are having a s patterned furniture or bedding at your home, you can always stick to solid curtains. For solid-color furniture, look for patterned curtains as they add more accent to the space. Neutral prints like dots or paisley, also make a good match. However, a graphic print would be suitable if you are planning to make a bold décor statement.

Well, there are more to consider when it comes to window decoration. So new ideas are always welcome. Share your views with us in the comment.