Make Your Bedroom Look More Spacious with These Useful Tips

Jan 3

Not everyone has the luxury of having space in their bedroom, especially if you live in the city, which generally have smaller apartments or share your room with a roommate. Before you start decorating the small space, take some time to carefully plan its design and ensure you make the most out of the room.

Having a bigger space is considered a luxury, especially in crowded cities and a smaller scale living could mean that you have to give up the luxuries that you would otherwise have in a bigger home. However, with proper designing and careful planning, you can easily create the illusion of more space. Here are some tips to help you make your small bedroom look more spacious.

Make Your Bedroom Look More Spacious

Embrace Minimalism

You can get rid of the unnecessary things in your bedroom to make it look more spacious. The main focus of the room is obviously the bed, so try and keep the furniture and other accessories to a bare minimum. Take a good look around the room to spot any piece of furniture that doesn’t contribute to the decor or isn’t useful. Get rid of it and instead, only have ones you use regularly.

Using sleek and contemporary built-in to keep clothes away is a great idea as they can help maximize the space while looking like they are not even there. Also, consider a cleaning session and stow away the things you don’t use on a regular basis. Clear surfaces have the ability to add the illusion of more space. Remember, for a small bedroom, less is always more.

Hang Mirrors

If you have a bare door or wall, adding mirrors can make the room look bigger. This happens since along with reflecting light, a skilfully angled mirror can create height and depth. Ideally, you should consider installing floor-to-ceiling length mirrors as they can allow you to see yourself from head to toe when getting dressed. All bedrooms need at least one mirror that’s full-length for you to see yourself when getting ready. They are most commonly used in mirrored closets when installed in small bedrooms since they cannot always be a part of the bedroom design. If you have single or multiple windows, you can add mirrors to make the room look bigger by bringing the outdoor scenery or the sky into your bedroom through its reflection.

Pick out Furniture with Legs

Using furniture with legs can help create an airy space with an open feel to it. In your bedroom, all your furniture doesn’t necessarily need to be legged, but you should try and have at least one piece that has some height. It could be your bed, dresser or the nightstands. You can opt for a mid-century decorating style for your bedroom as in this style, most pieces of furniture are elevated using legs. The more of the walls and floor you can see, the larger your room will appear. Even if the legs aren’t tall, they still have the ability to enlarge a space well.

Match Window Treatments with the Walls

It’s true that large bedrooms can generally make great use of blinds and drapes which contrast with the walls. But, in a small bedroom, it’s better to match the window treatments with the colour on the walls. Doing this will allow the eye to move freely throughout the room without breaking the sense of flow.

Don’t Let the Window Treatments Reach the Floor

Not letting the drapes fall to the floor follows the same principle as having tall legs on the furniture. When you let the window treatments run all the way to the floor, you cut off the room’s flow. This is primarily why it isn’t a great idea to let them run and accumulate on the floor. Instead, you can leave a few inches below or tie them up to give your bedroom a clean look.

Go for a Smaller Bed

Although it may seem obvious, it’s best to ditch a king or queen-sized bed and choose a double bed instead. Also, if storage is an issue in your bedroom, you can easily purchase a bed which has storage space underneath the mattress or enough empty space underneath it to keep storage containers in. Even a few extra inches of space is vital as it can free up a lot of space in a small bedroom. You should choose a simple and modern headboard or bed frame and ditch the foot-board completely as this can provide a minimalistic look that is perfect for your room.

Mix Solids and Subdued Prints

It’s not necessary for you to avoid prints simply because you have a small room. But you can make the space look much larger by sticking to smaller prints and plenty of solids. The bed generally being the largest item in the room can be used for this. You can choose either a solid or a semi-solid comforter or bedspread and pair it with colourful throw pillows and printed sheets. Light-to-mid tone colours can help enlarge the space visually.

Try a Light Colour Palette

The colour white helps open up a room like none other, and this is normally true too. But this doesn’t mean that your room needs to look like an operating room. Though white is preferable, know that you don’t need to decorate your room completely in white. It’s best to try and stick to a light and soft palette. Incorporate pastels and light whispery shades of grey as they work wonderfully in smaller rooms.

You may also mix white with a single mid-tone or bright colour such as blue. Cool colours have the most impact so you can incorporate purple, green and soft blue in your interiors.

Overall, keeping a room organized and clean will help make it look bigger in general. You can try experimenting with beds and furniture of different sizes to see which one goes best with your home. You can also rearrange the layout completely to maximize the space available. Coordinating patterns and colours with a simple design will not just make the space visually appealing but also make your bedroom look much larger.