How to Make Your Living Room Windows Treatments Look Awesome

Nov 11

A living room forms the heart of any home. It stands to make out the volitions and precise perceptive capabilities of the nature of any homeowner.

As such it becomes important to have these spaces designed in accordance to the latest fashion forwards and the most upbeat designs.

Here are a few of our most flipped over designs.

Play Up Architecture

What does your living room consist of? Does it benefit from the marvelous architecture that makes it so awe-inspiring? Does ornate wood work together with high or vaulted ceilings make space for the best in your living rooms? Window Shapes like Bay windows, Palladian or Clerestory can help a person draw attention to these features and thereby ensure everything goes well. For example, in a two-storied space, lower windows are mostly dressed pretty elegantly while being finished with flowing sheers, woven shades and other options that can be mounted up high to draw enough attention.

Show Regional Influence

Play up your region’s charm. You live in a particular place and will not want to part from the session’s charm. Playing up your region’s charm only helps you further reinstate the centrifugal décor force that runs through the region. Provincial prints will help you reinforce a French Country theme and if it is done together with a Southwest style the windows can be adorned in a Native American style weave. And if your windows have black printed trims, they look enviable.

Establishing a Color Palette

Any fabric one chooses for window treatments has to enforce a certain color palette. Only this can describe your room in its complete essence. For e.g.:- if you have window panels in solid aqua, a patterned color fabric will be just as substantial. To compliment this décor one can have the rug in a watery shade with the backdrop of solid grey walls. The backdrop must be neutral to let accents of purple, fuchsia and pumpkin stand out.

Lend a Supporting Hand

In yet another instance, window treatments might be used to play passive player’s in a certain room. With a choice of neutral, subtle and pattern-free window treatments you will ensure the background has a calm and pastel effect. Roman Shades can lend you just this effect in a historic living room, wherein the linen fabrics can glow in the daylight thus lending an interesting texture which is far beyond contemporary.

Add Function

Living rooms play host to a number of activities. While they are most suitable to hold play dates and parties, function and simplicity also form an integral part. Fussy window treatments hold almost zero relevance in this domain. But they must also be capable of granting you enough privacy and light control when needed by the home owner. Constructed with crisp pleats and soft folds, the overall look of the room must be perfect for meeting your daily needs. Nubby linen with a warm taupe supports these hues with the collected comfortable furnishings.

Formalize This Space

Living rooms are mostly for entertaining guests and relaxation, carefully decorated for special occasions. Elegance and sophistication is what these window treatments hold out for you. In this case of a precise space, just another loose gather won’t do. Instead panels from raw silk complimented with metal rod tassels help underline the true objective of this room.

Make your living room the face of your admirable taste and transcendent choice of designs. Make it the face of the glory of your house.