Make the Most of Solar Shades

Mar 20

Window coverings have become an important and requisite part of every space be it office or home primarily aiming at light and privacy controls. Most spaces these days are designed with amazing exteriors to match equally magnificent interiors. However extreme climatic conditions compel home owners to opt for window coverings to keep out the bright sunlight that even block views of eye-catching exteriors.

Emerging as a popular choice of window coverings, solar shades are work wonderfully to prevent the harsh sunlight from coming into a room, yet not obscure the outside view. As the word ‘solar’ suggests, solar shades are closely related to sunlight. They work to keep out sun rays that are often harsh and harmful in more ways than one. They do not completely block out light, but merely diffuse the light and allow clear outdoor views.

Solar Sun Shades

Most solar shades operate similarly as any other roller shade based on a rolling mechanism that come with manual as well as motorized controls. They are designed to occupy very little space and are constructed with a single layer of light material which in most cases is fabric. These window shades are ideal for spaces where you need natural light yet would like to avoid direct glare.

Solar shades are very versatile as they come in different kinds of weaves that determine the amount of light you would like to have in your room. Though they offer up to 80% shading that leaves your room cool despite high temperatures outside, you can continue to appreciate the outdoors. You also have a wide range of colors to choose from and can get customized versions depending upon your need.

Solar shades have an openness factor that makes it inadequate for privacy controls. Even if you opt for maximum shading, outdoors will still be visible. Solar shades that offer less shading have bigger and wider weaves letting in more light and better outer picture with more openness. Even with blackout fabrics, you cannot completely shut out the outside. Since the choice of weave greatly influences shading, your preferences about openness, light, temperature control, privacy should govern your choice of solar shade.

Solar shades work very well for kitchens, living rooms, dining areas but are not too effective for bathrooms and bedrooms where you need more privacy as compared to other rooms. They are NOT meant for privacy control. Outsiders can have obscure glimpses of the interiors during daytime and also at night when lights are on. Also for them to be really useful, you need to place them after much thought and deliberation. In a nutshell, solar shades are great for:

  • Style and elegance
  • Cool interiors
  • Light control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ease of operation
  • Preservation of outdoor view

Remember that solar shades are more of an investment that will reap immense benefits in the long run.

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