Making Your Room Look Bigger with Window Treatments

Aug 9

Small rooms can pose a real design challenge. Too much furniture can make the space feel chaotic. While choosing the wrong patterns may feel too busy, adding the wrong colour can make the space feel claustrophobic. However, there are all kinds of ways to make a smaller room look bigger while also adding an airy feel that you crave for. One of the easiest ways of making a room appear more open and inviting is by installing suitable window treatments. Read further for tips to assist you in choosing the right window treatments that can help accentuate your room without making the space look smaller.


Choosing the Right Window Treatments

You can browse online or simply head on over to your local home improvement store and go through what may seem like an endless selection of choices. There’s bound to be something for everyone, no matter how unconventional the choices. Along with being able to choose between horizontal and vertical blinds, you can also choose from different colours and materials that will work well in your room.

  • Choose sheers for more privacy

Dark and heavy window treatments have the ability to add a certain depth to the room and also provide an increased sense of privacy. But, they aren’t always the ideal option for small spaces. Remember that the area of a room is greatly impacted by the amount of natural light allowed to enter it. To ensure you have more natural light entering a room, you can incorporate sheer shades and blinds into it. Along with allowing more light into the room, sheer shades can also offer an unobtrusive view to make the space look bigger.

  • Go for lighter colours

If sheer isn’t the option you are looking for because of the privacy aspect, you can choose window treatments of a lighter colour. While you may be looking to match your existing furniture and wood blinds, it can make your room feel much smaller. Hence, the best thing to do in small spaces is to avoid dark colours. When you choose light colours such as light grey, beige, white or cream, you can make the most of the space available to you. An added bonus of doing this is adding a sense of calmness and promoting airiness to your small room. It has the ability to impact the overall ambience and aesthetic of the room.

  • Consider solid shades

Shades and blinds are the different kinds of window treatments you can choose from. If you prefer shades over blinds, it is important for you to stick to lighter colours. Avoid going for patterned or textured surfaces. Shades having intricate designs and patterns can make the room look cramped. In a small room, every inch matters. Hence, the best thing to do is to stick to solid and light-coloured shades as they can work to your advantage.

  • Additional Tips

There are a few other things that you should consider when trying to make a room appear larger than it really is. Firstly, remove all the clutter in and around your windows. Also, avoid placing chairs, tables and any other kind of furniture in front of the windows as they can limit the amount of natural light entering the room. You can re-arrange your furniture to ensure no part of your window is covered in any way.

Also, remember to keep the colours in your home uniform. Having different rooms painted with different colours can break the openness and flow in the space. Consider colours such as spa-blue, grey and off-white to maximize your room. While different colours can help create contrast, you should do the opposite to make the room appear bigger.

Decorating or re-designing a small room can be a difficult job. But, with a few smooth and quick changes in the window treatments you have can create an attractive and open space. Remember that there is no right way of doing this, simply use your personality and style to create the space you are looking for.