Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing New Window Treatments

Jun 8

Although choosing a new window treatment for your home may seem like an easy task, it isn’t so. There are dozens of different colours, materials and styles which can make it difficult for you to finalize your decisions. The kind of window treatments that you choose for your home can instantly change the atmosphere and look of the room they are installed in. Hence, it isn’t a decision which should be taken lightly. Make sure you avoid these mistakes when looking for new window treatments for your home.

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  • Forgetting about the interiors

When choosing window treatments for any room, you must first think about how well they will go with the rest of the decor. Forgetting about this will most likely result in you choosing a product or material which clashes with the colour scheme or the furniture. This mistake can be avoided by photographing the room and bringing the picture with you while you are out shopping for your window treatments.

  • Overlooking functionality

It’s important to ask yourself why you are purchasing the window treatment before you start looking. Most people purchase window treatments looking for more privacy while they are in their homes. However, some people may be more concerned about blocking out more light so they can better sleep in. There are also eco-conscious buyers who may be looking for window treatments to increase the energy efficiency of their homes. Forgetting to think about why you are looking for new window treatments may result in you ending up with one which doesn’t satisfy your needs.

  • Hiring a professional

Letting a professional handle your window treatment installation ensures they look their best. Installing curtains, shades or any other type of window treatment is more difficult than one may imagine. An experienced professional can make sure that your window treatment is aligned properly and securely. It’s always better to hire a professional to do the job rather than trying to do it yourself.

  • Incorrectly measuring the windows

You should be careful when measuring the windows that you will be purchasing window treatments for. If you fail to measure them correctly, you will most likely end up with a window treatment which doesn’t fit it properly. If you are unsure about the measurements, you can ask an experienced professional for guidance instead of just guessing it.

  • Selecting the wrong fabric

If you have decided to use drapes as the form of window treatment for your home, you will have to be absolutely certain about the fabric you use. Using a thin fabric to make drapes for large windows may make it look inexpensive and overwhelming. However, when using a light fabric on smaller windows, it can make the room look light and airy. When looking for drapes for bigger windows, you can talk to an experienced professional about how to make the drapes match the grandness of the window and voluminous.

Installing new window treatments in your home is one of the easiest ways in which you can change the appearance of your home’s interiors along with providing insulation and privacy at the same time. Lerner interiors offer a wide range of window treatments which can help you transform your home. Contact them today and select the best option for your home.