Plantation Shutters are Perfect for Your Home, Here’s Why!

Are you looking to revamp the interior of the al fresco area of your home? If so, then nothing is better than installing plantation shutters as they add lustre to your happy-space. Plantation shutters are a perfect way to remodel a dull area into a classy and cosy space.


Providing security along with style, plantation shutters gives you more than one reason to install these blinds in your home. Here’s why:

  • Provide High Durability
    Installing plantation shutters can save you money from further spending on shades or curtains. It’s a one-time investment and will decorate your abode like never before. On the other hand, if you pick curtains, they may get damaged from prolonged sun-rays.
  • Are Simple and Child-safe
    Plantation shutters do not bring along the worries of jamming and tangling. They do not come with cords and therefore, are child-safe.
  • Ensure Hassle-free Cleaning
    With curtains, you need to invest extra time in washing and dry cleaning. And this is difficult to maintain given the busy schedule most of us have. Shutters, on the other hand, don’t require extensive cleaning. A damp cloth is all that is needed to clean the blades of the shutter.
  • Protect your Home from Extreme Weather Conditions
    Plantation shutters are excellent insulators that save a living space from extreme heat or cold. The blades of the shutters keep the heat, wind and water away, when in closed position.
  • Can be Locked for Security
    Plantation shutters can be customized for enhanced security. They can be locked, which is how they provide an added layer of security to your home.
  • Come in a Wide Variety
    Unlike the traditional curtains and drapes, plantation shutters come with a lot of choices. You can opt for customized shutters for your abode to enhance its beauty. These shutters impart a contemporary look that is a blend of vintage and modern styles.

The above-mentioned features of plantation shutters are the reasons which make them a popular window covering option. Give plantation shutters some consideration! Sure, you will not repent your decision.

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