Selecting Energy Efficient Window Treatments for Your Home

Feb 9

Window coverings don’t only enhance the beauty of the home but also assist in temperature control. If you’re wondering how this is possible, then continue reading this post to learn more about energy efficient window treatments.

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Here is a list of energy efficient window treatments for your home:


Window blinds are a type of essential window covering that is adopted by many homeowners. The horizontal or vertical slat-type blinds help in keeping the home cooler during the summer and keeping it warmer in the winter. Serving as a cooling factor in the summer, the interior blinds are adjustable and flexible. You can control the ventilation and the entry of the light by adjusting the slats. On the other hand, the exterior blinds made of wood, steel and other materials, are installed above the window and the side channels direct them as they are raised or lowered. Depending on your requirements these blinds can be adjusted to keep you cool from the heat.


Your decision in selecting draperies should be based on the place you reside in. This is because draperies can keep a room warm or cool depending on what you need. But, this depends on the materials of the draperies you’re selecting for your home. For instance, cotton or linen single curtains allow the wind to blow inside the room due to the texture of the material. Silk or brocade materials are heavy textures that keep a room warm during the winter. Also, if you live in a cold place you can also use magnetic tape to attach the drapes to the wall to keep the chill away.


To save energy, opt for shades as they are the most effective window treatment. The shades should be fixed close to the glass to seal the air flow. During the summer you can lower the shades to restrict the sunlight. If you’re looking for versatility then you should opt for dual shades that can be utilized for both seasons by flipping the shades. For example, Roman shades can better control air filtration compared to other window treatments.


Shutters are hardy window covering that can serve many purposes. They help controlling in heat loss and gain inside a room. You can operate shutters easily from inside using a rod and a motor. With the exterior roll-down metal shutter, you can limit outside air flow into your home. They offer added security by preventing the entry of unwanted visitors.

After reading about energy efficient window coverings, which one are you choosing for your home? Select the one that best suits your needs and stylize your home in a way that’ll wow your guests.