“Should We Go with Window Curtains or Blinds for This Room?”

Dec 5

It’s an age-old question that comes up whenever a family moves into a new home. The problem (and what a nice one to have) is that, there are too many options. Trying to decide between window curtains or blinds for any given room is hard enough, but because of all the styles, shades, and patterns, the entire process can seem a mess.

We can’t help you with the details. We’re sorry, but that’s a battle for you and your family— but we can make recommendations on choosing window curtains or blinds for the rooms in your home.

There is something we need to go over before diving into what works for which room. If you or a family member suffers from a respiratory issue such as asthma, then consider sticking to window curtains for every room. Some blinds can be a magnet for dust which means they need to be cleaned daily.

Living Room

The right choice for this area of the house depends on what your family does for leisure and the look you want. If family time usually involves watching television or movies together, then blinds are the way to go. Blinds are excellent at blocking out sunlight; meaning they will prevent glare.

If instead your family prefers to entertain guests in the living room, then curtains are probably the better option. Curtains give better access to natural light which brightens the space making it feel more relaxed.


You will most likely want to have curtains for this room. Kitchens are busy spaces so having some natural light shining in might help you feel more relaxed.

On the other hand, if the cooking your family will be doing is heavy on sauces, then maybe blinds are better. Blinds are easy to remove making them less likely to get stained. Even with the strongest detergent, with enough spills even the toughest curtain will need to be replaced in time.


This is typically the domain of curtains. As already mentioned, blinds are very good at blocking out sun light. Have the blinds drawn in your bathroom, and you’ll have the necessary privacy.

If your heart is set on curtains though, there are still options. Roman blinds for example are an excellent alternative.

Deciding which way to go for the window coverings of your new house is tough. You and your family need to balance out the functionality with the décor of each room. Only then can you decide which window coverings are right for you.