Skylights – Bringing in Light and Energy to Your Rooms

Feb 17

Skylights transmit light through glazed structures which cover an opening in a roof or ceiling, to allow for daylight and ventilation in the room.

Ancient Romans are said to have been the first adopted skylights. The oldest types of skylights were just open holes in domed ceilings. Closed skylights have just started being used during the Industrial Revolution period.

motorized skylights

With so many options around, windows, tall windows, doors and sliding doors, why should a person even go for skylights? Here are some reasons:

Various Positions of Skylights

  1. North Facing Skylights – Good amount of light throughout the day, but very little solar heat gain.
  2. South Facing Skylights – Enormous solar heat gain, excellent in winter, but a problem in summer.
  3. East Facing Skylights – They are at their best in the morning, when solar heat gain is at its highest.
  4. West Facing Skylights – They get light in the afternoon and early evening. In summers, solar heat gain can make rooms uncomfortable in the late afternoon.

Benefits of Skylights

  • Installing a skylight can reduce energy consumption. Electricity bills can come down by 10%.
  • Skylights let in natural light and can be very effective in controlling fungus growth. Very beneficial for places like basements and bathrooms.
  • Ample amount of Vitamin D can be found, reducing a lot of diseases.
  • They help the mental and physical state of those inside, improving overall functioning.
  • Sunlight, let in by skylights, helps mitigate seasonal depression and eyes healthy. It also reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

What to Consider When Shopping for Skylights

  1. Blinds and shades – The only difference between skylights and windows is that they are mounted on the roof. You might use custom window treatments for skylights to control the amount of heat and light.
  2. Glass – For areas that experience frequent tornadoes and hurricanes, durable glass skylights should be considered.
  3. UV coatings – If you have furniture all over your room, it’s best to get skylights that have a UV coating or a protective layer, so your furniture’s colour won’t fade.
  4. Moisture sensors – Moisture sensors in skylights detect sudden changes in weather and guard your home. For example: when you are not at home, if there is a sudden rainfall, a moisture sensor skylight will close automatically and protect your home from damage.

Skylight window has its benefits. They can reduce the need for artificial lighting when the sun is up, and provide you with beautiful views of the sky at night. With so many benefits, it is worth considering purchasing skylights