Sleep Well: Window Coverings for a Good Night’s Sleep

Aug 1

A good night’s sleep is extremely important for both your health and mood. Sleep deprivation can affect you in many ways such as restlessness, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Few people can sleep in a bedroom filled with light. You need to control light and darken your room for a comfortable sleeping space. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose your window treatments wisely.

Here are a few simple window treatment ideas for transforming your bedroom into a sleep paradise.

1) Blackout Shades

Blackout shades block morning light and create a gentle environment for you to sleep soundly. These shades are opaque and work as a complete light blocking solution for your bedroom. This window treatment not only blocks light but also keeps the room from heating up during the day. If you want more light control, then add blackout drapes over your shades.

2) Room Darkening Shades

As the name suggests, room darkening shades are the perfect choice for keeping out sunlight and providing complete privacy. It is also helpful in maintaining comfortable temperatures and blocking exterior lights such as street lights that filter through other window coverings.

3) Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Honeycomb cellular shades are a versatile window treatment option. It has light blocking abilities and provides superior insulation, thus offering a comfortable environment for you to sleep in. The best part is that it comes in a variety of colour choices. So, you can match them with your room décor and make a statement. These shades can also create a seal on your windows with the help of its side channels.

4) Dark Coloured Drapes

When choosing drapes for your windows, consider dark coloured fabrics with simple or no patterns. Draperies are like blankets that cover the whole window from top to bottom and dark colours are good at blocking light, reduce glare, and add a wow factor to the room décor. Remember that theatres use dark coloured curtains and drapes for light management. Similarly, you can consider colours like cabernet, crimson, royal blue and espresso brown for your drapes.

5) Roman Shades

Roman shades made out of dark fabrics are also a preferred choice of homeowners when it comes to making your room an ideal place to sleep comfortably. You can add the motorization feature to the shades for greater convenience.

Good-quality sleep is essential to keep yourself healthy and cheerful. Choose one of these window treatments and ensure a trouble-free sleep, even during the day.