How to Soundproof Your Home with Window Treatments and Accessories

Mar 11

Whether you live in a condo or an apartment, or simply because you have loud neighbours, the right window treatments can help reduce noise that enters your home. While no covering can guarantee getting rid of all of the outside racket, there are definitely some that can lessen it. They are an efficient and budget-friendly way to shield your home from external noises and changing temperatures. It can help make the environment in your home more peaceful and pleasant too. Here are some great soundproofing window treatments that you can benefit from and some other tips you can incorporate in your home.

Window Treatments for Soundproofing Your Room

  1. Roman Blinds

If you’re looking for a window treatment that is elegant and stylish, Roman blinds are a great pick. The density and thickness of the fabric used in them help block out noise. The heaviness helps trap the sound between the blind and the window by delivering an extra layer of protection. Although there are light filtering variations available, blackout ones are more popular due to their ability to keep the racket out. Remember the heavier the fabric that is used, the better the soundproofing you’ll experience.

  1. Blackout Drapery

Blackout curtains are thick and heavy by nature so they can be excellent at keeping light out. However, this feature also makes them efficient at blocking out sound. If you use double-lined drapes made with a heavy fabric like velvet, you will experience better sound cancellation. It’s best to get in touch with professionals that provide custom and ready-made curtains to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

  1. Honeycomb Blinds

They are the best window covering to soundproof a room thanks to the size and number of fabric cells. In fact, they get their ability to reduce a racket from their honeycomb shape as it traps the racket coming in through the windows and stops a majority of it from getting in your home, similarly to how it works with air. Choose ones with double cells or blackout fabric to make it more efficient. There are motorized versions that can be conveniently operated from a distance.

  1. Velvet Blackout Curtains

They are an exceptional choice when you’re want to create a dark setting and get some sleep. Additionally, they’re very effective at cancelling out sound so you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. This feature is a benefit that comes with the foam backed construction they’re made of. Several layers of white foam are added, which raises the drapery’s insulation capabilities and simultaneously assist in dampening loudness.

  1. Pleated Shades

Pleated shades bear a similar appearance as that of honeycomb shades but are not as good at noise reduction as honeycomb shades because of the absence of the cell construction. The window coverings have pleating which provides insulation and help reduce a little bit of the outside buzz.

Other Alternatives to Reduce Noise

If your window treatments are failing at soundproofing your home, here are some other alternatives you can try out to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can help absorb sound that may be entering through the walls in your home. You can cover the walls in fabric such as faux suede and wool, although it could burn a hole through your pockets since it has to be installed professionally.

  • Upgrade the Windows

Cracks in windows allow sound to find its way into a room. You should consider filling the gaps using a caulking sealant to enjoy a better quality of soundproofing. Another way of blocking out the noise is to replace your existing window glass with a triple pane glass, although this is a rather expensive alternative. These two tips when added with the right window treatments can be very effective.

  • Add Area Rugs and Carpets

Add carpets or thick area rugs on the floor of the room. These can help absorb the sound that footsteps make on an uncovered floor. Cut-pile carpeting is known to be a more effective alternative than loop pile. Add a foam covered backing to the carpet to make it more efficient.

  • Replace the Doors

Most doors found in homes are hollow and do very little to reduce sound. This is why replacing existing doors with solid wood doors or particle-board core should be considered. Their mass can dampen the unwelcoming noises and allow you to enjoy that peace and quiet you’re in search for.

  • Books and Bookcases

Both books and bookcases are great at keeping noise out apart from being decorative objects in your home. They create a barrier between the racket and the room and ensure there are no unwelcomed sounds coming in.

  • Sound Absorbing Paint

This is a relatively recent invention and has been specifically created to absorb and reflect noise. It’s popular for being effective and can reduce up to 30% of all external sounds.

Remember that any space that allows air to enter the home can let sound through too. Make sure these openings are taken care of so you can enjoy a quiet home. There is no limit to options available when it comes to noise cancelling window treatments. Though, they might not offer the same kind of soundproofing as windows that block out the noise, they provide an improvement in sound reduction for a relatively low cost. However, if your window treatment doesn’t do a good job at keeping the clatter out, take a look at some of the other tips mentioned in this blog post to crack down on it.