Stylish Coverings to Dress Odd Windows Anywhere in Your Home

Mar 8

Oddly shaped and unusually positioned windows can add character and provide a charming vibe to your home, no matter the size. However, covering them can be difficult and expensive as it’s rare to find ready-made ones that can fit perfectly. Even customizing can be challenging as when not done carefully, they can ruin the look and feel of the space. The main feature of these windows is to make a statement and so, the treatments installed on them should reflect the same. There are other things to consider such as accessibility, privacy, if the windows need shades, custom drapes or not among other things. So, to make things easier for you, here are some stylish window coverings that are perfect for dressing oddly shaped and placed windows.

Window Seat Windows


The window seat is a favourite for most homeowners as it’s a space used to take naps, read or just kill time looking at the view outside. This is the main reason it is among the places that’s given a lot of thought to. If you’re looking to create a cozy vibe in the room, soft Roman shades can be installed as they provide a calming and polished look at the same time. Shutters can also be considered for this space as these window treatments can add a level of sophistication to this nook. They can create a charming focal point and outline the area when kept open or closed.

Arched or Pointed Windows

Even today, arched windows are in fashion in the construction industry and can pose a problem when it comes to dressing them due to their unusual shape. For these windows, the best option is to mount regularly shaped drapes, blinds,and curtains as they can be drawn over the entire window, similar to pull-down blinds. They can neatly sit at the top in a valance or drawn as and when needed. You can likewise consider custom window treatments if you have a particularly difficult size that the industry cannot cater to. This can ensure your window covering is the correct size and brings out the best in your overall decor.

Garage Windows

Garage doors can be bothersome when you need to maintain privacy and keep light out. However, it is among places that get dusty and dirty quickly and easily. This is why it is best to choose an inexpensive solution which is both durable and easy to clean and won’t make the area look tacky in any way. Faux wood blinds can be the best choice as they are reliable and sturdy, available with a smart price and provide an even smarter look.

Round Windows

Although this type isn’t as common as other types of windows, they certainly do appear in homes and have a tendency to create interest. Although a brilliant architectural detail, they need special kinds of treatments for them such as the ones mentioned below:



They are ideal for round windows as they can be made to snugly fit in and accentuate the shape. They are available in a variety of designs and can be customized according to your specifications. The most common types are plantation shutters and California shutters as they are long-lasting and easy to use.

Drapes or Blinds

Similar to arched or pointed windows, a straight window treatment can be mounted over them if you want a simple design element. However, by doing this, you will most likely draw away focus from its unique shape. It’s best to use sheer curtains or blinds to avoid this from happening.

Stairway Windows


This is another area in the home that you will want to take advantage of as it’s a great source of light but also needs privacy during most parts of the day. If your house has a bank of windows which trail up the stairway, you should steer clear of ultra-designed coverings or ones that can make the area look cluttered. Wood and faux wood blinds can be mounted to provide a cohesive look that adds simplicity and structure. However, for a modern and sleek appearance, you can consider translucent draperies as they fall gently over the windows and also allow light to flow into the area while obscuring the view from outside.

Tiered Windows

These are popular additions in modern homes, especially in two-storey rooms. Similar to arched windows, homeowners can get creative, especially when a room has multiple windows with different heights. In such cases, the bottom windows can be treated with custom draperies while the top ones can be left untreated. This prevents the room from having a full two-storey wall of draperies in the area. However, if you have a wall of windows with a complex design, simple Roman shades and roller blinds can be installed as they prevent the possibility of awkwardly hung drapery.

Bay Windows


Bay windows are especially tricky to dress which is why most homeowners don’t install any at all. But, if you want to add some, Roman shades can be hung at the same height on all the windows, in the same colour and material. They allow light to flow into the room and also provide privacy when needed. If, however, privacy is a priority, the treatments should be hung from the ceiling to ensure the indoors aren’t visible from outside.

Cathedral Styled windows

These types of windows are gorgeous and covering them completely will only take attention away from their magnificent design. Yet, if you absolutely must cover them, leave the arched top bare, allowing their impressive shape to assume its stellar place. The lower part of the window can be covered with an inside mounted shade which is installed along horizontal points of the windows. Your best bet is to pick out a plain covering such as faux wood blinds as they can fit snugly within the frame.

Don’t let tricky window designs cramp your style as every window can be dressed with perfection. Trust the beauty of blinds, shades and custom draperies available in Toronto. Window covering designers and installers know what it takes to ensure ultimate satisfaction of homeowners. A good and professional window treatment has the ability to turn the most unusual window from something that poses problems to something you’ll love.