6 Summer Window Treatments to Keep Your Home Cool

Mar 6

There are many ways to prepare your home in Toronto for the summer. You can change your bedding and incorporate lighter fabrics or switch up the throw pillows. But there’s something else you can do to update your home with that summer look and save some money in the process. It comes down to your window coverings. By making the right choice you can make your home comfortable and look inviting throughout the season. Here is a list of window coverings including motorized blinds, shutters, roller blinds among others for your Toronto home.

Roller Blinds


Roller blinds are beautiful, versatile and provide functionality making them the ideal window treatment. They can offer homeowners much needed privacy along with adding to the complete decor. Roller blinds in Toronto among other places can not only bring texture, colour, and meaning to a room but help enhance its aesthetic value too. Their versatility allows them to blend in well in any room with numerous options for customization. They are easy to maintain, ensuring you don’t sweat out when its time to clean them on hot days. You can add pops of summer colours by selecting roller blinds in bright prints and patterns. Also, the option of motorizing the blinds make rolling them up and down easier. This advanced technology offers luxury and absolute privacy to the homeowners. With so many benefits to offer, these blinds can be installed in any part of your home and add value along with beauty to your interiors.


You can never go wrong when choosing shutters for your windows as they can fit in with just about any decor and present a cohesive and clean look throughout the room. They can form a competent temperature barrier and keep your home cool. You will have complete control over the amount of sunlight entering your home, all you need to do is adjust the louvres. You can keep them closed during the day as it creates an air pocket between the shutter and the window and acts as an insulator. Open them to allow the cool summer breeze to fill in your home during the evenings too. Shutters also offer light filtration to the precise level you want.

Solar Shades

Uncovered windows can only block out around 50% of the sun’s harmful UV rays which can cause damage to your interiors and health too. But it’s understandable that you don’t want any obstructions blocking out the beautiful view. This is what makes solar shades such a great option. These elegant and light shades help block out blinding sunlight while allowing a decent amount of daylight into the home. The key lies in the opacity of the fabric. These coverings are available in different grades of openness allowing light in.

Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb shades have a room darkening ability that combines privacy with energy efficiency. Our windows account for up to 40% of our annual cooling and heating bills. However, these shades can help reduce this heat transfer by as much as 60% and lower your energy bills, making your home much cooler, even on the hottest days. This happens thanks to its unique design as it can make tiny pockets of inert air, which is a bad conductor of heat. They can create an active barrier preventing temperature transfer and keep the heat out. They’re handy treatments and are available in blackout variations making it great for sleeping in.


These have been a traditional window covering for a long time and are available in contemporary designs too. Valances are an affordable way of adding an exuberant and artistic touch to your windows than other curtains. They can be custom designed and made to pair with material or design, be it honeycomb shades or draperies, making it yet another adaptable option. They’re available in different patterns and materials and are brilliant at taking the shape of classic ruffles. You can opt for printed designs that contrast with dark and bold walls and make them the focal point or choose lighter fabrics if you’re trying to avert attention from your windows.

Sheer Drapery


Nothing can make your home feel airy and light during the hot and sticky summer months like sheer drapery. They are swanky and elegant additions that are effortless to maintain. Sheer drapes can help soften the glare on your furniture and carpet, preventing any damage from taking place and doesn’t give a heavy appearance like fabric drapery generally does. They can blend in well with any kind of environment, filling any room with a graceful touch of airiness and lightness.

Protect your home against the harsh heat this summer by installing any of the above-mentioned window treatments. The options can all be customized to fit in with your specifications and ensure they don’t look out of place. Without much of an investment, you can make your home more beautiful and comfortable.