Sun-screening Your Homes with Popular Window Fashions

Oct 7

Sun Screen should be applied at your home. Yes, they must literally be applied to your homes. Since the sun’s rays can affect your flooring, furniture and fine carpets as well as the temperature, window coverings are critical in controlling the effects and contributing to the overall esthetics of your room.

Here are 5 ways, window coverings can perfectly wed aesthetics with sun guarding function:-

  1. Sheers

Sheers are a popular way of dealing with the sun while still letting the view in. Sheers also look wonderful as they provide privacy and light filtering. They help keep the room cooler as compared to having no coverings at all and, at the same time protect your furniture and flooring. Ideally one must choose an off-white polyester fabric so as not to look too stark.

  1. Draperies

Fabric drapery brings in a custom look, letting you inject color and pattern, in the design of a space. Get in some extra fabrics to make toss cushions; it will help you bring the décor of the room together. Drapery fabrics must be lined to protect them from the sun’s view. The linings come with a rubber coating providing you both UV protection as well as light reduction, thereby protecting the contents of the room. Heat insulation is yet another benefit, particularly in condos where the windows are practically walls.

The downside to draperies is that they obscure the view.

  1. Blinds

Blinds bring an array of solutions for your windows. Some people prefer vertical wood blinds, while most others like the horizontal ones. Both of these are available and bring different uses for home-owners. Roller blinds are almost always sold with a certain percentage of openness, allowing the owner everything from a clear view to a backed out view. The more closed the blind, the more light and heat are kept out. The look varies from industrial to modern. Unlike sheers, these provide a good level of privacy when closed, making them a great choice for lofts and condos.

  1. Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds are mostly made out of faux wood because any real wood would warp and discolor in the sun. They allow you to determine the percentage of openness manually by turning a wand. They can be heavy, but they also can be pulled out of the way. Effective for insulation and sun block, these blinds bring a vintage vibe to the windows. Plantation or California shutters were also popular a few days back, and performed well like horizontal blinds except that they open on a hinge as opposed to being pulled out of the way.

  1. Combination

A combination of Faux Roman blinds, together with roller shades and a side panel, keeps the sun’s intensity out during the day.

The combination of sunscreen along with beauty for your living space is the perfect blend of form and function. Use our ideas for a brilliant looking home.