Tall Window Decorations – 7 Window Treatments to Use in Your Home

Oct 4

Tall windows add a unique touch to home décor. They let in a lot of natural light and create the illusion of a bigger space. But covering them perfectly can be difficult. The right window dressing can significantly improve your overall interior décor, so you must choose a large window treatment carefully. This blog discusses some window treatment options worth installing on your large windows.

Exceptional Window Treatment Ideas for Tall Windows

Curtains or Draperies

Curtains and draperies are traditional coverings for large windows. They add a royal and dramatic touch to your interior décor. As they blend beautifully with any kind of shapes (regular or difficult), they do not make your room look heavy. When selecting a drapery, consider the scale of your room. For instance, if your window is 15 feet tall, use a curtain rod more than two inches in diameter or it will go unnoticed. Add extravagance to your room by choosing bigger pleats and larger hardware for your drapery. You can also customize drapery by using patterns and tiebacks and give it a new dimension by layering various materials. Add different colours to complement your décor. Choose the right curtains or draperies from a range of designs, patterns, colours and opacity levels to install on your large windows.


Roman Shades

If you do not like drapery mounds, install Roman shades on your tall windows to get the more tailored look of a fine fabric. No matter whether you keep them folded up or down, a large window will always attract attention. To adjust the level of natural light inside your room, raise and lower the shade as required. When fully raised, it automatically captures eyes in an upward direction, which makes your room appear taller. Add drapery along with Roman shades for more depth and functionality. This results in the creation of an outstanding window covering pattern. Roman shades give you a break from designed draperies and fill your room with elegance.

Cellular Shades

Make a style statement in your home décor by installing cellular shades on tall windows. From blackout to gentle filtering, cellular shades come in a variety of fabric opacities. As the fabric is light, you can customize them in large sizes without them being too heavy. They are easy to handle and create a cozy ambience in your living space.

Cellular shades contain pockets that trap air. This adds an insulating layer of fabric to your window and saves on energy bills. If you want more insulation, honeycomb-in-a-honeycomb construction is an ideal choice. Choose cellular shades for energy efficiency and to add the desired level of privacy.

Combination of Roman and Cellular Shades

When Roman and cellular shades are combined, they do wonders for your large windows. The malleability of Roman shades and the high-quality construction of cellular shades save on your electricity costs. For large windows, it is advisable to install energy efficient coverings. Combination shades are available in various colours and designs, as well as woven and non-woven finishes. You can find them in different opacities to darken or lighten your room and add privacy. For a finishing touch, install a fabric-covered headrail and bottom rail to complement the hardware colour. Their internal lift cords exude a clean look and are safe for children.

Blinds for tall windows

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a popular choice to cover tall windows. They are usually made of metals/PVC or faux wood and can be installed in any room. When it comes to choosing vertical blinds for bathrooms and kitchens, think about how the material will respond to humidity. To cover a large window in your bathroom, for instance, use PVC vertical blinds, as they are water and humidity resistant. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and last for years with little maintenance. They also let you control the amount of natural light getting into the space without affecting the level of privacy. For a lot of light, tilt the vertical blind slats. Vertical blinds are favourable to your health as they keep out harmful sun rays, keeping eyestrain and headaches to a minimum. As they reduce the need for air conditioning, they also save on your electricity costs.

Motorized Blinds

If you want to install something on your large windows that is easy to operate and adds elegance to your room, go for motorized blinds.  They resemble other blinds but are different in operation. There is no need to pull up cords or slide them along the curtain rods. Instead, you operate them with the simple press of a button. By installing remote-controlled motorized blinds on your large windows, you can control light and privacy without leaving your seat. Because of their convenience and comfort, motorized blinds are preferred by many homeowners over other window treatments. Besides their ease of operation, motorized blinds also transform your home. When you keep them lowered in the day, they protect your furniture, artwork and flooring from the sun.

Valances and Cornices

If you want to accentuate the look of your covered tall windows and reflect your personality, use valances and cornices. They are light and add depth to your large windows. If you have plain or neutral-coloured window coverings, choose a beautifully designed and patterned valance for a balanced look, or enhance them by using cornices. They are made of wood and cannot be moved easily. Hide brackets, rods, and other hardware by cornices to create an even look. It is easy to get a valance or cornice that goes well with any kind of window treatment. Using them can transform a drab room into something special.

Tall windows demand special treatments. First, make sure you know exactly how you want to decorate your large windows and add functionality to the space. Then you can easily pick the right option suited to your large window requirements and home décor.