5 Great Tips to Redesign Your Bedroom for Winter

Oct 23

“Winter is coming.” All Game of Thrones fans are familiar with the House Stark family motto, and we are already into October, meaning winter is indeed coming. So, it is high time to make your home warmer and cozier in every possible way. We spend many hours every day in our bedrooms, be it sleeping or relaxing after a long day, so paying close attention to its décor is essential to our comfort. In winter, it is important to redecorate your bedroom so that it looks like a winter wonderland but doesn’t feel like one.

Preventive Measures Against the Cold

Before decorating your bedroom, make sure that you are keeping out the winter chill. The following are a few things that can be done to keep your bedroom significantly warmer without running a heater:

  • Repair any gaps and leaks around the windows

Broken panes or gaps between the window frame and wall can lead to heat leaking out and cold getting in. This not only feels uncomfortable but increases your energy costs. Check your windows annually for such gaps using a draft detector, and fix them with caulk or weather stripping. This also helps to prevent bugs getting in.

Pro tip 1:

If you do not have a draft detector, you can use a burning incense stick to check air movement and detect leaks.

  • Keep your bed away from windows

No matter what measures you take to seal your windows, it is still going to be chillier near them, and sleeping is no fun when you are constantly cold. Position your bed as far away from the windows as possible to keep yourself warmer during sleep.

Cozy winter bed

  • Hot water bottle under the sheets

This is an old-school method of keeping warm in bed but is effective so remains popular. The hot water bottle needs to be placed under the sheets before you go to sleep. A more modern solution is a bed warmer or electric blanket.

  • Thermal window treatments

Certain window treatments can keep your room warmer than others, so before winter sets in, consider upgrading your window treatments for the best (and warmest) results. These can include heavy drapes, honeycomb shades or blinds made with thermal fabrics. These are all designed to naturally elevate room temperature and, hence, minimize your energy bills.

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Interior Décor Tips for Your Bedroom in Winter

Now that you have taken measures against the cold, it is time to focus on making your bedroom more inviting in winter. The following tips will help make your décor perfect:

  1. Add textures rather than colours

The purpose of winter bedroom décor is to make the space cozier by giving it a warm and inviting feel. While colours can do this, textures are more striking. Heavy knitted accessories like throw blankets, flower baskets and area rugs can do the job. Woollen knitted blankets add to the warmth of your bed, while area rugs prevent you from feeling the chill seeping through your hardwood or laminate floor.

  1. Use statement wall décor items

Eye-catching wall décor can instantly uplift the beauty of your home. After all, what is better than a wreath of pinecones and white flowers to give it a winter mood? They are readily available in stores, or consider making one with your kids or alone if you are into crafting. As they are versatile, they can be hung on the walls or on your bedroom door. The natural materials in these wreaths impart warmth to whichever room it decorates.

Winter bedroom décor

  1. Add jewel tones for a luxurious feel

White, cream, grey and similar sober and earthy tones are the usual theme colours of winter, but a dash of bright jewel tones can strike a good balance. Sapphire blue, emerald green and bright reds can also be used in moderation in the form of a cushion cover or pillow. Materials like velvet and faux leather have a luxurious feel and texture to bring out the best in these colours. These strong tones brighten the room and do not look washed out, even when it is cloudy or foggy outside.

  1. Liven up the holiday mood

Winter is also about Christmas, and it is never too early to start decorating your home with festivities in mind. There are various ways to incorporate the Christmas mood into your décor. The following are some creative ideas you can try:

  • Hanging glass and metallic ornaments over your bed that incorporate a Christmas theme
  • Using tea and fairy lights strategically around the bed to brighten the room at night
  • Pinecones, red mittens and faux snowmen all are synonymous with Christmas and can be used to accessorize your bedroom décor

When your bedroom looks cozy, warm and festive, it acts as a reminder of the upcoming holidays.

  1. Metallic and reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces can brighten your bedroom which is essential in wintertime when it is often foggy and downcast. Metallic colours and mirrors serve this purpose well. Copper-toned wall hangings like copper plates and large gilded-frame mirrors reflect light and are eye-catching yet simple enough to complement your winter interior décor theme.

Deciding on the décor for your bedroom requires patience since it is one of the most intimate rooms of your home and plays a key role in setting its ambience. When you want to relax by having a calm and peaceful mood, implementing these tips for redecorating your bedroom are sure to work. Else you can always hire a professional interior designing consultant to make your décor more personalized and unique.