Toronto Custom Drapery: How to Choose the Right Fabrics for Your Home

Feb 9

Are you looking for fabric for custom draperies in Toronto? Picking the right fabric can be an exciting but overwhelming process. After all, with so many options, how do you decide which is most functional and visually appealing?

Fortunately, with a few key considerations, making your pick can be easy. Here, we will walk you through the important factors to consider when choosing fabric for custom drapes for your Toronto house or condo. These include its durability, the opaqueness of the material, its textures, and patterns that complement your decor. With the correct information, you can make an informed and confident choice.

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Top Custom Drapery Materials for Your Toronto Home’s Decor

Custom drapes provide many benefits for Toronto homes, from filtering light to adding privacy. Here’s how to choose the right fabric.

benefits of Custom drapes

1. Weight

When looking for the perfect drapery fabric, remember that heavier fabrics will provide better insulation and privacy. But that’s not the only reason you might choose a heavier fabric for your custom drapes. Keep in mind that the fabric’s weight will also determine how the window treatment drapes. In other words, it will be a significant factor in determining how well the fabric hangs when the draperies are mounted.

Lighter fabrics typically have more drapes, hang straighter, and flow more; on the other hand, heavier fabrics will hold pleats better and be stiffer. So, it comes down to your preferences and space to determine whether heavier or lighter fabrics will suit your space.

Note: draperies made with heavier fabrics will need sturdier hardware so that they do not break or bend under the heavy weight of the fabric.

2. Durability

When it comes to family homes, durability is always a major concern. After all, every Toronto homeowner wants to invest in products that stand the test of time, and this holds true for window coverings like custom drapes. Also, the more exposure and activity your window coverings experience, the more durable the fabric will need to be. For instance, silk window treatments will fade if exposed to the sun, regardless of how well they are cared for. But linen blended with rayon or 100% pure linen are great choices when searching for durable fabrics as the material is wrinkle-resistant.

However, no matter the material you choose, knowing how to keep your custom drapes in Toronto clean is essential. With the right care and attention, they will look as good as new for years.

3. Style

When searching for custom drapery fabric, try browsing through Instagram or Pinterest for styles you like that fit in with your decor. If you want something that blends in, it’s best to go with a pattern or colour that is similar to your walls or other decor elements. Or, if you want something that works as a focal point, choose a fabric with a bold colour that complements it.

Another thing to take into account in terms of the drapery style is the header you use. This will determine how the drapes look and feel in the space. Moreover, there are many header styles that will work with different designs and decor.

The weave pattern of the fabric is another major thing to consider, as it can subtly transform your space. For instance, a naturally-woven linen blend fabric will work with ranch-style decor.

4. The Location of the Window

Another important factor that determines the best custom drapery fabric is the location of your window. You need to think about the light control and privacy you want. For instance, if the window you are looking to dress faces the road or sidewalk, it’s better to go with a heavier fabric that provides adequate privacy. Alternatively, you may choose a sheer fabric to ensure privacy while allowing natural light to filter indoors.

The Location of the Window

The location of the window is also important when choosing drapery fabric because it determines how much sunlight the drapes will receive. Typically, manmade fabrics can withstand sun exposure much better and longer than natural ones.

5. Colour

When choosing custom draperies in Toronto, many homeowners get stuck on the colour. Some may forget that they must choose something that looks good all year round. For instance, you may want something bright and colourful for summer or something more festive for the holidays.

While there is nothing wrong with this approach, choosing a colour that is suitable for a specific time of year may look out of place the rest of the time. The best way to avoid this is to pick colours and patterns that work all year. Neutral shades such as beige, grey, white and black tend to work well throughout all seasons. They can also be paired with many decor styles, no matter the season.

For more tips, check out this handy guide to choosing the best fabric for window draperies.

Using these tips to choose the right fabric for the custom draperies in your Toronto home will help you create a space where you love spending time. It will also ensure that your windows look beautiful while also being functional. If you are in the market for custom draperies in Toronto, get in touch with the window treatment experts from H. Sewing Drapery and learn about our vast selection of fabrics. They can help you determine your needs and recommend products that work for your space.