Trends in Home Decor to Watch for in 2016

Apr 6

Karl Lohnes, home interior, product designer and design authority clips together a few of the trending home decor tips from 2016. Let’s take a quick look.

bedroom window coverings

  1. Color: Two great neutrals, charcoal and butterscotch make your rooms feel intimate and comforting. Bringing in these two colors in your room will give you a feeling as never seen before. Coloring must be done from ceiling to floor. If you are looking for the new white, then BONE is the color for you. This new hue helps warm up the every-popular blue and grey colors.
  2. Textures/Patterns: Unembellished furnishings and fabrics all natural in shade are quickly becoming the most popular ones. When we are talking patterns, plaid fabrics are replacing gingham checks in fabrics and wallpapers.
  3. Furniture: Shapes have still not lost their value in the world of furniture. Soft round edges still appeal to the eyes. These are reminiscent of the various styles of the 1970’s and the 1980’s.
  4. Window: Heavy draperies, which block the view and natural light, is now being replaced by pared down window treatments that let in light without the dated look.
  5. Connected Homes: Technology is increasingly becoming an expected feature in all new homes, for home owners who love wire-free built. Imagine being at work and also having the ability to go online for closing the window shades, turning on the lights or changing the temperature within the home. The new PowerView Motorization, from Hunter Douglas allows the shades to adjust automatically. You can choose from the wide array of shades available near you.

So, these were what Karl Lohnes, has got to say about the most important features of window treatments. Try these and keep your guests amazed at every special occasion that you host.

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