Are Roman Shades Right for Your Home? (A Simple Guide)

Oct 10

Roman shades are among the simplest and most practical window treatments. They accentuate any interior style and offer privacy as well as protection from the sun. They are mounted flat against the window and, when raised, form even pleats that stack up neatly at the top. This placement of pleats ensures that they look better than other window treatments.

Roman shades are typically constructed using less fabric than decorative shades, making them a cheaper alternative. Moreover, they can be made using practically any fabric or material, from wood to sheer, which creates an option for every interior.

Still can’t make up your mind? Let’s run down their advantages to help you decide whether they’re a smart choice for you.

The Utility of Roman Shades

Roman shades come in seemingly numerous options. If your home needs window treatments, here are a few reasons you might consider investing in them.

  1. They’re Timeless and Versatile

Roman shades are timeless window coverings that make simple, elegant and functional additions in any interior setting. That includes dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Just decide on a suitable fabric and you’ll have a window treatment that both looks great and lasts.

  1. There Are Many Customization Options

When buying Roman shades, you can choose from a wide range of options to find the perfect type. Since they’re made with fabric and come in numerous drape styles and folds, you can craft virtually any look. Additionally, their top-down/bottom-up mechanism offers better privacy and light control than other window treatment.

You can also make them with various linings to control how much light enters a given room. Blackout linings in the bedroom, for instance, make it cozier and more comfortable to sleep, even in the day. When used in other areas, like dining or living rooms, blackout linings reduce glare and offer optimal privacy.

  1. They’re EnergyEfficient

Bright sunlight heats rooms uncomfortably in summer, and using air conditioning can be expensive. Roman shades keep out sunlight to ensure comfortable temperatures year-round and reduce AC use. If made with heavier fabrics, they prevent heat loss to keep your home warmer in winter too. By choosing the right material, you can have a stylish yet simple window treatment that is perfect for all seasons.

Roman Shades are Energy-Efficient

  1. They’re Easy to Maintain

All you need to do is clean your Roman shades weekly with a duster, or vacuum them using the brush attachment. This keeps your home free from allergens and dust increases your shades’ lifespan.

Roman Shades are Easy to Maintain

  1. The Design Options Are (Almost) Limitless

How do you want your Roman shades to look? Because the possibilities are virtually endless. They can be made using a variety of materials and fabric patterns, allowing homeowners to make a statement and create a focal point.

If you’re looking for insulating or blackout options, there are a wealth of options. Furthermore, you can use more than one type of fabric to ensure your light filtering and privacy needs are met. With such a wide range of choices, you can create a modern, formal or relaxed look, depending on what you want.

  1. They Come in Varying Fold Styles

Roman shades come in numerous fold styles which determine how the fabric folds or drapes. There are four main ones:

Roman Shades Come in Varying Fold Styles

  • Standard Fold

This flat fold style offers a simple, modern look. When lowered, the shade lies flat against the window; when raised, the fabric bunches neatly at the top.

  • European Fold

Also referred to as the relaxed fold, this unique style offers a tailored appearance.

  • Soft Fold

The soft fold (a.k.a. the hobbled fold) offers a round, full appearance while maintaining a straight line along the treatment’s bottom. When drawn open, the shades create a voluminous look; when drawn closed, the curved fold is still visible.

  • Plain Fold

This fold offers your shades’ more body and texture, with the fold being visible even when the shades are lowered. When raised, the fold appears heavier and much more pronounced than in other fold styles.

Purchasing home window treatments may seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be. By doing some research and knowing your options, you can choose one that fits your requirements perfectly. Roman shades are a versatile window treatment that fits well in homes of different styles. They are beneficial for those looking for versatile design options and offer complete control over privacy and light filtering.