Utility of Roman Shades

Apr 13

Shades have been a popular window covering for years. Created by Romans, these shades are the most popular, finding a place of pride in homes across the globe. However, they have evolved greatly over the years and are now available in highly customizable versions to meet divergent needs of various windows. Created primarily for sun protection by the Romans, initially these would hang horizontally out from the wall as compared to today’s versions that hang vertically in front of the window. These are usually flat and smooth as they fall over a window and neatly stack up when not in use. Maneuvered with cords or strings, there are various styles of stacks that make different kinds of Roman shades. Home owners can choose from a wide variety of material and style of folding to match their sense of style.

Vignette Modern Romans

High on utility and aesthetics, Roman shades are used by diverse households as window coverings. They are mostly made of light or thick materials to prevent and protect indoors from the influence of external climatic conditions. Extremely versatile in nature you can choose from cordless Roman shades that are motorized, blackout shades for room darkening or top to bottom ones that come with enhanced privacy options. Wide range of colors and textures available include solids, stripes, geometric or floral prints, weaves, jute, bamboo, etc. though fabrics continue to be the most preferred of all. They can also be installed in combination with liners for more insulation effects. Combining them with accessories also adds to the visual appeal of the covering.

Let us list out the benefits of Roman shades

  • Enables privacy control
  • Allows management of natural light
  • Has room darkening properties
  • Adds to aesthetic appeal of a room
  • Makes a style statement
  • Energy efficient

Window treatments add the finishing touch to a room. This makes it important that you choose them prudently after taking into consideration various requirements like purpose, functionality, budget, etc. However, Roman shades is a winner hands down, when it comes to adding class and sophistication to any space. So if you are renovating your home or planning to change your window coverings, go for Roman shades!