7 Brilliant Ways to Incorporate a Pop of Colour into a Room

Dec 6

When you want to add excitement to a room with colour, painting the walls seems like the most obvious solution. But this can be an expensive hassle, and there are many other low risk, effective ways to add warmth and vibrancy. If you’re bored with a timeless neutral palette and want to energize your interiors by introducing a splash of colour, these seven tips will show you the best ways to go about it. Check out these easy, budget-friendly ideas to add colour to your home without making a big commitment.

Simple Ways to Add Colour to Your Home

  1. Window Treatments

Window treatments add a colourful style in any tone or shade. Bright curtains are a definite step above a vibrant blanket, and they’re temporary enough to pacify even the most indecisive design enthusiast. If you have a passionate soul, bright draperies make a confident statement. Brilliant cellular shades or crimson Roman ones that climb down your windows would make a stunning addition. Bright orange is a stimulating colour and perhaps one of the most underused in interior design, so you may consider that. Yellow is thought to be the happiest colour; it encourages creativity and is perfect for areas like the kitchen. You may also incorporate a playful blue against white walls to create a simple yet fun space without turning it into a snoozefest. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that matches your personality and décor perfectly.


  1. Area Rugs

Flooring takes up a lot of visual space in any room, so why not employ it to add some colour? Area rugs are a great option for this purpose as they can be moved around and don’t require the same level of commitment or care as wall-to-wall carpeting. A colourful area rug placed strategically under a coffee table or in front of a chair adds texture to the space. You can use them on top of painted floors, hardwood flooring or even pair them with carpets. A rug with an interesting pattern can create a cohesive look.

  1. Bedding

Want to add colour to your bedroom? Add some multicoloured pillows or drape a throw at the end of the bed, since it’s the focal point of the space. If the foundation of your bedding is a neutral palette, any colour will look great with it. Make it stand out by dressing it up with a bright quilt, duvet cover or coverlet, especially if your bedroom furniture is somewhat dull. By coordinating the elements when adding colour, you bring visual interest to an otherwise colour-blocked design.

  1. Plants and Flowers

A house plant or colourful floral arrangement is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a burst of colour into your interiors. It also presents the opportunity to add an organic element. Since plants are both temporary and portable, you can try diverse arrangements in different locations until you’re satisfied. You’ll notice the change as soon as you add these elements as they bring a sense of life to the space like nothing else, along with a fresh fragrance that lasts. You can keep experimenting with different colours before committing to a particular one. Additionally, if fresh flowers and plants aren’t your thing, you can settle for an artificial one. Forget about watering; all you have to do is dust them once or twice a week and they’ll be as good as new for years.

  1. Artwork

Art doesn’t have to be expensive. While an original work by a renowned artist will certainly be costly, new pieces by contemporary painters don’t have to be. Alternatively, if you aren’t a big art fan, you can add wall decals or framed pieces of textiles or photographs for a fraction of the price. Along with adding a splash of colour, your new design elements are a great way to display your personality to guests.

Pop of colour artwork

  1. Light Fixtures

Whether dealing with either a traditional space or a modern one, light fixtures are a great way to add interest. Choose a lampshade that’s whimsical and colourful or a fixture that gives out ambient lighting to offer a dose of colour and change the room’s appearance. A fixture such as a colourful pendant can bring dimension and add a twist. Along with being easy to change and allowing you to keep the colour commitment flexible, they’re also a subtle way to make a huge impact. A bold red fixture can offer an energizing feel, or you may go for a soft powder blue to create a laid back atmosphere.

  1. Bookshelf

By painting the inside of an existing open bookshelf, you can add interest and colour to a room without having to add a completely new element. You can paint the outside and shelf frame in one colour and the inside in a contrasting tone. Alternatively, you may paint each shelf in a different colour to really bring focus on the piece. This type of colour scheme makes the items on the shelves look more prominent too.

As you can see, there are many ways to add colour to your home without having to step out of your comfort zone. By incorporating these tips, you can swap them more easily and effectively. Additionally, you won’t be stuck with the same ones for a long time as they offer you the opportunity to redesign and recreate your living space as you please. Your home will become a lot more expressive and homier without spending too much.