Automatic Window Coverings: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Nov 9

Are you shopping for automatic window coverings? They are a great choice, but you need to ask your dealer relevant questions to choose the right option.

With the increasing popularity of home automation, options for window coverings have increased, which makes the selection much more difficult.

Here, Toronto’s leading provider of custom window treatments discusses the key questions to ask about automatic window coverings.

Let’s get started.

What to Ask When Selecting Automatic Window Coverings 

Here are a few questions to ask about motorized window treatments in order to make an informed purchase.

1. How Are These Window Coverings Controlled?

Motorized window shades or blinds are controlled by remote control. In fact, the type of remote you select largely influences how you control your window treatments.

For instance, while some have solar-powered controls others have effective tilted controls. (Solar blinds are charged by renewable solar energy instead of a battery or electricity. The tilted ones allow you to get only your exterior’s partial view and filter natural light to decrease glare. You can also control the window coverings using a tilt cord, wand or even using a motorized option.)

Moreover, a remote allows you to adjust the window treatments from anywhere easily. For example, your custom automatic window treatments may be controlled through an app installed on your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

2. What Types of Window Coverings Can Be Automated?

It is a misconception that only a few kinds of window treatments can be motorized. Thanks to advances in technology and custom options, a leading window treatment company such as Lerner Interiors can motorize different types of window treatments such as roller shades and cellular or Roman blinds. We have a large selection of shades and blinds for all rooms as well as outdoor spaces. And our custom automated shades or blinds may also be fitted for oddly-shaped and hard-to-reach windows.

3. How Can Automatic Window Coverings Be Powered? 

These window treatments may either be plugged in or solar or battery-powered. Let’s check out these options in further detail.

  • Battery-Powered Option 

This is an easy and affordable option because you don’t need to think about wiring or the cost of electricity. In fact, a premium battery may last for several years based on how often you operate it. Leading brands such as Somfy use environmentally-friendly batteries that are solar-powered.

  • Plug-and-Play Option

This option helps in easy operation. A thin power cord may be concealed behind your furniture or side panels, or along the window frame’s moulding to safeguard your decor.

  • App or Voice Command  

Automated window coverings can also be controlled via smartphone apps or voice-controlled virtual assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa.

4. Are They Energy Efficient?

Automatic window treatments help to save energy and maintain a pleasant temperature. For example, they decrease heat loss in winter so you need to run the heating less. In summer, they can block external heat so you use less air conditioning. This in turn reduces your energy bills.

5. Are Automatic Window Blinds Hard to Install?

These window coverings are very easy to install. However, installation specifications can vary depending on the type of window coverings you select. For example, if the windows are wide or oversized, we recommend hiring a pro to mount them.

Automatic window coverings are a pleasing addition to your home. However, not all are designed the same. Now you know what important questions to ask to learn about their capabilities and functions. This will surely help you to buy the best ones for your home. If you want to learn more about these window treatments, contact us. We offer a wide range of affordable window coverings sourced from top brands such as Hunter Douglas, Kravet Fabrics, and Sunglow Window Coverings.