Why Do We Need Window Treatments?

Jun 20

Windows are an integral element of every home serving several purposes. If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one window is where you ought to start. Once you have decided how you want to dress up your windows, you can decide on rest of the decor of the room or entire home. The question that now arises is that are window treatments really important? Can we do without them in our homes or offices?

The answer to this is NO! Windows as openings have immense functional as well as aesthetic importance. In addition to beautifying the space, they also let in natural light and fresh air, allow outer view from indoors and sooner or later you will feel the need to cover them up as the need to control light and privacy, insulation, energy efficiency, enhancement of visual appeal, etc. come up. Window treatments not only serve functional purposes for your home but also add value to a window because they transform a simple opening into something more interesting. It is only by installing an appropriate window treatment that you can have complete control over a window without messing up the architecture of your home.

Window Treatments

Window treatments have some undeniable and distinct advantages like:

  1. They enliven the window space as well as the entire room without making structural changes to the existing architecture.
  2. Lets you to control the amount of natural light filtering in to your room. Harsh UV rays in sunlight often damage the interior flooring, furniture and other art work.
  3. Allows you to exercise privacy control to keep prying glances out. Especially needed in living rooms, bedrooms and studies where you spend private moments relaxing or doing your favorite thing.
  4. Window treatments are also work as a great cover up for damaged, misaligned or misshaped windows that actually look awkward. Cornices, swags, cascades, valances combined with appropriate window coverings work great in concealing flawed window spaces.

Whatever be your reason, window treatments are a must for every room in every home. In addition to their various functional aspects, they add a world of charm and splendor to interiors of homes. You can consult professional interior designers or stores those stock and supply window treatments for advice. Windows make up for up to almost 40% of a home, so when you decide to install a window treatment, you are actually adorning and embellishing your home with generous amounts of style, elegance and sophistication.