Why Install California Shutters in Your Toronto Home?

Apr 10

The shutters on your interior windows not only help improve your decor, they also preserve your privacy and provide insulation. As a top Canadian window treatment company, Lerner Interiors has a wide range of premium and affordable shutters.

That includes California shutters which are a particularly popular type of window covering among Toronto-area homeowners.

Here, we explore why they may be right for your home.

Top Benefits of Buying California Shutters in Toronto


There are a variety of home window shutters, but one of the popular styles is California shutters. Below we look at their key advantages.

They Look Beautiful: The design and finish of these shutters make them highly suitable for any home decor. For example, they may be painted white for a conventional style. You may also choose from different stains, finishes, and textures for a modern-style home. They are visible from both the inside and outside. When choosing colours or stains, make sure that they create a unified look both inside and outside.

They Are Energy Efficient: These interior shutters offer optimum insulation because they block excessive sunlight. Both mechanical and motorized shutters help control your home’s insulation when there is direct sunlight. In winter, California shutters offer an extra layer of insulation which saves energy and lowers your heating bills.

They Protect Against UV Rays: The ultraviolet rays in direct sunlight fade your furniture and decorative materials like area rugs. California shutters allow you to block natural light by adjusting their slats while maintaining ventilation.

They Are Durable: Most California shutters have a warranty period but last a long time regardless. Because you don’t need to replace them frequently, they are worth the investment. Plus, they can be easily tailored to perfectly fit your windows.

They Require Minimal Maintenance: This is one of the key benefits of California shutters. All you have to do is remove grime, dust, or dirt occasionally using a wet cloth. To clean them, you don’t need to take them down as you do with other window coverings.

They Offer Maximum Privacy: These shutters have easily adjustable slats that allow you to close them completely for maximum privacy. They may also be angled to enjoy the view outside while maintaining some privacy.

They Are Versatile: These versatile window treatments are a great option for nearly all rooms as they blend well with every type of decor. For example, California shutters improve the appearance of your kitchen without any costly renovations. They also help maintain maximum privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms.

They Are Safe For Children: California shutters do not have any strings or cords. This allows for easy operation and prevents children or pets from becoming tangled up in them.

They Provide Good Air Flow: These treatments allow you to open your windows and adjust their slats for maximum ventilation. They are different from other types of slatted window coverings which may flutter in wind or make noise. California shutters are generally made from heavyweight materials that do neither. They are also hung tightly to the windows.

These benefits of California shutters make it easy to understand why they are such popular window shutters for Toronto homes. If you are looking for high-quality custom-made California shutters at the best prices, Lerner Interiors has what you are looking for. Get in touch with us now. Read our reviews to learn more about our services and how we serve our customers.