Why Skylight Blinds Are a Great Choice (7 Advantages)

Jul 19

Skylights are a great way to let the sun shine into your home. But all that sunlight can boost the temperature inside and create glare.

That’s where skylight blinds come in.

We see a fair share of skylight blinds in Toronto homes, and they are a good option for controlling the heat and glare that come from these unique windows. Here, we explore their main benefits.

What Are the Advantages of Skylight Blinds?


Skylights let natural light into your home, but sometimes you need to control that excess heat and glare, just like any other window. They can also help make your guest bedroom more inviting. Before you consider buying skylight blinds, let’s look at their many advantages.

1. They Control Light

Skylight blinds allow you more control over natural light entering your home. This is especially appealing on hot summer days, so you can reduce glare and create a cooler environment without cranking the AC.

2. They Darken Your Room

If your bedroom loft has a skylight, you don’t want blinding light to disturb your daytime nap.  Having a skylight blind will let you get much-needed rest, even when the sun is right over your head.

3. They Help Control Temperature

Sun streaming through your windows can be an uncomfortable source of heat, especially skylights. Curtains and blinds prevent heat from invading your home, which is one of the advantages of having skylight blinds. They come in both motorized and manual versions.

4. They Prevent Fading

Sunlight can fade furniture, flooring, and carpeting, especially if it is coming directly through a skylight. Years of sunlight on expensive oak tables, carpets, or hardwood floors can ruin them in spots. Sunlight blinds stop this discoloration.

5. They Hide Dirt

Skylights can get dirty quickly. Imagine your spotless, shining home and sitting above is a dirty, grimy skylight. Fortunately, skylight blinds can hide this filth until you can get it cleaned.

6. They Add Colour and Texture

Skylight blinds can add a pop of colour and texture to an otherwise not-so-vibrant room. Find a blind that adds a little drama to the space.

7. They Complement Your Interiors

Add an element of surprise to your interiors with skylight blinds, or use them to complement your interiors by tying them all together with the right colour, pattern, and texture.


Strategies for Picking a Skylight Blind


The variety of blinds available can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure what kind you should pick.

1. Identify Your Preferred Type

As there are different types of skylight windows, you will need to find your type. This will be a big factor in deciding what kind of blind to choose.

2. Decide on Your Colour

Do you want your skylight blinds to add colour to the room? Ask for swatches to decide what colour will work best. Consider the room’s decor as a whole when picking your blind’s colour.

3. Pick a Skylight Frame

The colour and material of your skylight window frame also plays a key role in getting the perfect blind. Find something that sits well with your skylight window.

4. Pick the Type of Blind

There are different types of blinds available, including waterproof, blackout, and translucent ones, so be careful picking the one that works best. For example, blackout blinds are most suitable for bedrooms; for kitchens, translucent blinds are perfect; and bathrooms require waterproof blinds.

5. Decide On Your Method of Installation

Another factor to consider while picking your skylight blinds is installation. Are you going to install them yourself or get it done professionally? If you opt for the latter, the degree of complication regarding your installation becomes a moot point.

6. Choose the Means of Operation

Is your skylight window low enough to use manual blinds? If not, you may have no choice but to use motorized blinds.

7. Rely On Your Personal Opinion

Choosing the right window covering comes down to your personal preferences. What kind of blind do you want? And what is its function? While blackout blinds work best for bedrooms, you may prefer translucent ones.

Skylight blinds are extremely useful when it comes to insulation and protection from direct sunlight and glare. Find a reliable blinds store, preferably one that provides free colour and fabric swatches, so that it’s easy for you to make a decision.