Window Coverings Can Be a Big Flop if Chosen Unwisely

Sep 8

Jan Zimmer of Jan Zimmer Interiors, LLC, St. Claire recently brought about the main points that need to be taken into consideration when making the decisions on window treatments. “Window treatments can make or break a room”, says Zimmer to Times Herald. Let’s elaborate on some of her valuable comments.

  • Window treatments play an important role in the design of a room by adding softness to the hard edges of the room, offering privacy and managing light control.”

These elements come to add softness to the rather hard edges of a room, leaving it with a rather soft yet trendy look and feel. Offering privacy and light control, window treatments help hide any defects or unattractive view of a room. They make up for lack of privacy and highlight its charms and making it a rather fascinating space to spend time in. However, something excessively gaudy is not what you should go for. After all, you have no intentions to ruin the eye-soothing visual impact of the décor.

Every element in the room must work together to create a selective yet sophisticated feel in any room.  There must though be no over-indulgence or it must not be made to look very overwhelming.   A carefully planned window treatment in a room always has the capacity of just bringing about the best in your room while not taking the center stage.

  • “The secret to a well-planned window is to select the proper style treatment for the setting and functionality, using a great fabric or two that pulls the whole room together.”

If all along you have been wondering if the fabric you are choosing goes well with color and décor or not, then let’s uncomplicate things for you. For instance, if the face fabric is a natural fiber like silk or a poly-cotton blend choosing the lining in the same fiber helps it to hang properly.

There also has to be an interlining, for an enhanced and professional finish. Interlining any material that resembles flannel, can be inserted in the face fabric and the lining. There are numerous purposes of interlining. It helps protect the face fabric from the sun; it prevents the fabric from bleeding and yet renders a luxurious look and some insulation.

In case, you are wondering what bleeding through is, it is the process of the fabric getting discolored when the sun shines through it, washing off the color of the fabric. Unwise investment on the interlining will only add to your woes as you cannot depend on them for a long time.

The current trend, though, wants you to keep the fabric treatments stacked off the window in situations when the window is open. In order to help them achieve proper fullness when closed, the thumb rule is making panels 2 ½ to 3 times the width of the windows. If you are looking for your windows to stack completely, off the window it is best to ensure the curtain rod is one-third longer than the actual with of the window. Buying shorter length will be an unfruitful expense; it does not serve your purpose.

Custom window treatments are an investment that will serve for years, and should be given careful thought”, says Zimmer. Therefore, be a little more meticulous before you make a lavish purchase of expensive fabrics and accompanying drapery hardware.