Window Shades Toronto: Choosing the Right Kind of Window Shade for Your Home

Dec 10

While windows are the most fashionable aspects of every modern household, they can get even trendier when shades are added to them. The large varieties of choices and prices available in this regard often turn out to be overwhelming for buyers. To add to this, one is presented with thousands of shades, and numerous features and styles available. The best means to choosing the right kind of window shade is by sorting them out of the different types to the one which will be the most useful one for your home in Toronto.

Window Shades

Roller shades: To start with we have the roller shades. This is the most basic option available and can include some really interesting features. The shade consists of a flat piece of vinyl or fabric which can be simply rolled up to provide exposure to the window. While some styles have a really elegant look, some of these varieties come with a valance that helps hide the hardware at the top. This can range from sheer to blackout styles.

Solar shades: Next in line we have the solar shades. These are actually a type of a roller shade in itself specially created to counter the harsh sun-rays coming into your home in Toronto. They work as a screen, which you can just roll down over the windows, to protect your room from the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun. The fascinating feature about these window shades is when, even after they are down you can actually look out of the window.

Honeycomb shade: After this we have the honeycomb shade. The honeycomb shade, most popularly known as the cellular shade is the most energy efficient shade available in Toronto. The thing derives its name from its texture. These are made of two or three layers of fabric which are sewn in together to resemble honeycombs. Air gets trapped in these cells, which then forms a layer holding excess heat or cold helping maintain internal temperatures of your home in Toronto. These are energy efficient and are considered to be a great insulator. These shades are more expensive as compared to its other counterparts owing to its highly enhanced functionality. Lerner Interiors in Toronto is the ideal place where you can shop for window shades. With their extensive collection of shades and installation services, you can be rest assured of getting the best for your home in Toronto.

Pleated Shades: After this we get to the pleated variety of shades. This is a basic yet truly cost-effective option. Usually made of polyester, these come in a variety of styles. Some of these shades even come with an extra layer to block out the excess sunlight and let the insulation process happen normally. Any room that has these shades will help in keeping out excess heat in summer and vice versa in winter.

Roman Shades: The latest and the most sophisticated approach to shades have been the roman Shades. These shades are built both in relaxed and flat style, and they come in a variety of fabrics and colors. A roman style shade is extremely versatile and suits with almost any interior. The shades can be tightly weaved for those are looking at more privacy. For the ones who are looking to let the light flow, they can choose the more lightly pleated ones. You can get these customized as per your need with the help of Lerner Interiors, who are specialists in all kinds of window coverings including shades.

Last but not the least in this list comes the Woven wood shade. This is one very popular shade which also comes real attractive. As the name suggest these shades are made out of wood and sometimes out of bamboo and other eco-friendly materials like jute, rattan, etc. The shades can compliment any household decor, adding an extra bit of zing to it. The shades are available in much tighter pleats for unmatched privacy and light blocking; while also being built in lighter pleats for those who wish to let the light filter through.

All of these window shades come in with numerous colour options and styles. So if choosing the one for you gets overwhelming, try looking at your needs first, followed by your budget. We are sure, after all this information and with help from Lerner Interiors you can just fly past the hurdle of choosing the right one for you.