Attractive Window Treatment Ideas that are Perfect for a Home Theatre

Nov 5

Home theatres have evolved into more of a social experience where family and friends can gather to watch a film and spend some quality time together. This is why it is important to ensure that the room provides the perfect ambience for that latest Netflix binge or a relaxed night in.

Light control is essential to minimize glare and create the same feeling as being in a movie theatre. The light display and location of the room along with the effect you are trying to achieve are major elements in deciding the fabric selection that can aid in achieving your goals.

Window Treatment ideas for Home Theatre

You can consider certain light-filtering window treatment ideas as they can provide an airy and light ambience. Also, when the home theatre isn’t in use, these window treatments can allow light into the room. However, remember that room darkening window coverings are more effective at providing a soft glow and filtering light in during the day while making the room completely light-free at night. Here is a list of different window treatments for you to consider for your home theatre to ensure you and your loved ones have the perfect experience.

Roman Shades

The thick fabrics used for Roman shades are perfect for light-blocking. Their luxurious appearance can ideally provide the perfect movie theatre experience right in the comfort of your home. You can also choose to have an optional blackout liner which can help eliminate most of the light. It is also available in cordless varieties offering a top-down bottom up for great lighting control.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are the perfect option to block out as much light as possible. These window treatments add convenience with a sense of comfort. Many retailers also sell cellular shades that can be connected with their home automation system which allows you to control multiple shades with just the touch of a button while significantly reducing glare and providing an increased sense of privacy. Cellular shades have air pockets that tend to trap air inside, blocking out the unwanted cold or heat from the outdoors. For the best experience, buy the channels and tracks from the same retailer as they can provide the best fit for your window coverings.

Roller Shades

These window treatments are a combination of both decor aesthetic and modern technology that has been blended together to make a revolutionary window treatment. They are so versatile that they can be placed in different rooms in the home, including your home theatre. These shades are available in a wide variety of colours and they are all equally capable of blocking out the sun’s harmful UV-rays, providing privacy to the homeowners. Because the shades are made of over 3-ply fabrics, it makes it impossible for anyone on the outside to look inside. It can provide 100% protection from any external light, so you can enjoy your film without any kind of disturbance.

Dual Roller Shades

These window shades are available with a light filtering and a blackout functionality.  Both of these can be operated individually, making them more energy-efficient over other variants. Crafted with two layers on a single head rail or cassette valance, they effectively prevent light from entering the room, while offering a refined look. The shades are available with different lifting options such as motorized lift and the standard continuous loop lift. The motorized lifting option is available with multi-channel that can be controlled by a remote.

Blackout Curtains

Theatres of all kinds have long been associated with heavy curtains.If you are attempting to make your home theatre look like an authentic movie theatre, blackout curtains are the perfect option for you. Not only are they great at keeping light from filtering into the room and ruining movie night, but they can also add a certain level of soundproofing. This happens due to its ability to minimize echo and outside noise. Blackout curtains also help control the temperature by keeping sunlight from entering the room, resulting in reduced cooling and heating costs.

Bamboo Woven Shades

If you want to achieve a different look for your home theatre, consider bamboo woven shades. They are among some of the most unique window coverings because of the materials used in their construction. It includes jute fabrics, grass and hand-woven bamboo. The appearance of these shades is capable of bringing life into any room, including the home theatre. The selection of wood grains and patterns available are unparalleled to any other kind of window treatments. They can be paired with blackout liners and offer a highly effective and beautiful window treatment for your home theatre.

When you install the right window treatments in your home, you will not only be able to eliminate outside light but also succeed in giving your room a decorative touch. There is a wide variety of shades and blinds that are uniquely designed to darken rooms. Using the above-mentioned window treatment ideas, you can choose the best coverings for the windows in your home theatre and provide a great experience to everyone.