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May 5

5 Window Covering Options for Sunrooms

A sunroom is a popular home addition. It’s designed to bring in sunlight and protect you from the adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain. It works as an extended living space to help you relax and enjoy your leisure time. But to enhance its […]

Apr 7

5 Window Coverings to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

When the summer heat strikes your home’s interiors, you almost start to boil. From turning on your air conditioner to jumping into the swimming pool, you’ll likely be taking any opportunity to keep cool. However, many people underestimate the importa […]

Apr 5

How to Choose Pet-Friendly Window Coverings

Your pets are a part of your family. You play with them, you cuddle them and shower them with love. But there’s downsides. Pet hair ends up all over the blinds and scratch marks or yanked down curtains can become a common sight. To deal with these u […]

Mar 9

5 Window Covering Ideas for Tall Windows

Tall windows make a statement in the rooms they inhabit of splendour and elegance. These towering windows are an excellent addition to your home, but dressing them is a challenge. You have to treat them while considering factors such as aesthetics, p […]

Dec 22

Does Your Business Need Better Window Coverings?

Window coverings serve as a means of bringing out the décor of your home. But did you know they can affect two things most important to your business as well? Having (or not having) window coverings will directly impact how productive your team is a […]