6 Benefits of Using External Window Shutters in Your Home

Jul 9

You have spent a lot of time and energy choosing the right draperies for your interior windows. After all, they add so much style and character to your home. But have you ever thought of installing exterior shutters? Much like interior window coverings, exterior shutters enhance protection, create curb appeal, and add value to your property. Designed to fit on the outside of your windows, these shutters are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Below are six reasons why exterior shutters could be right for your home.

Exterior Window Shutters and Their Benefits

  1. Protection from External Elements

While windows provide protection from external elements like wind, cold and rain, they are still vulnerable and exposed to extreme weather conditions. Exterior window shutters, especially wooden ones, serve as a safety tool against external elements. Board-and-batten-style wooden shutters are made of solid vertical boards supported by horizontal battens. Strong and sturdy, this wooden window treatment resists rain, heat, fumes, and stains. External shutters are very useful, especially if you live in a hilly place or on the coast.

  1. Enhanced Privacy

Made from sturdy materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminium, fiberglass, plastic, or steel, external shutters protect you from the prying eyes of nosy neighbours or passers-by. The solid, opaque-lined panels of these window fixtures block external light and offer complete privacy, even during the day. You can also adjust the panels to the desired angle when you want some sunlight. Thus, you can do your personal work without worrying about intrusion. External shutters are ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms, where privacy is the main concern.

Exterior window shutters

  1. Excellent Light Control

Conventional windows cannot control the amount of sunlight in your room. They either allow complete entry of light (when opened) or block them completely (when closed). On the contrary, window shutters can easily be adjusted to regulate the entry of light and air into your home. You can either open them completely or partially. When you want a dark and cosy atmosphere, close the shutters completely to block out light.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Traditional windows are mostly made of plain glass or wood and do not contribute much to the appearance of your home. On the other hand, decorative external window shutters add greatly to its look and aesthetic appeal. Available in a range of colours, designs, and materials, they offer a great variety of options and can match almost any architecture and colour scheme. Choose solid board and batten shutters for a traditional look, or fixed louvers in the open, semi-open, or closed position for an airy, Mediterranean feel.

  1. Added Security

External shutters often have a lock or latch that prevents them from flying open on stormy days. They also provide an added level of security as they make it more difficult for trespassers and thieves to intrude in your absence.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Almost 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through its windows. This leads to additional energy consumption through the heating and cooling system. Thankfully, installing external window shutters can reduce power consumption. During summer, keep shutters fully or partially open to allow in cool breeze; this should save on your air conditioning costs. Similarly, in winter, keep shutters tightly closed to prevent warm air from escaping. External shutters are hence a great way to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle.

When choosing an exterior window treatment, you need to weigh different factors including its design, functionality, quality, and technology. It’s also important to know why, where, and how to install them. Ask an experienced window treatment professional who understands your specific needs and can offer the right solution.