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Oct 3

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Treatments

Decorating windows is an art. It requires both creativity and sensibility to choose the perfect covering for dressing up a window. Not everyone is an expert at window treatments. Some people are amateurs and lack the necessary knowledge of getting th […]

Sep 5

4 Ways to Mix and Match Window Treatments

Want to give your windows a new look? If so, then how about combining multiple window treatments? Utilizing multiple window treatments is the latest trend to personalize windows. Sometimes, a single covering is not sufficient for certain windows. Th […]

Aug 7

Dos and Don’ts of Window Treatment

Window treatment is an essential element for complementing the interior décor of any house. It adds warmth, offers privacy and helps you control light. But, with so many benefits it also comes with many challenges. From making measurements to drilli […]

Aug 4

5 Stylish Ways to Cover Your Glass Doors

Window treatments are not confined to windows. They can be used with equal beauty and elegance for glass doors. Be it a sliding glass door or a French door, a stylish window covering can transform its look from blah to beautiful. There are many opti […]

Jul 4

Stylish Window Treatment Ideas for Your Kitchen

In a room like a kitchen, which is filled with appliances and utensils, window treatments are one of only a few sources of style and aesthetic appeal. They add a splash of colour and drama to otherwise dull and boring set up. Other than aestheticall […]